JPhoto 1.2

Everything about JPhoto has been revamped! We’ve updated the plugins, a module and the jphoto extension, we also added a Joomla! content plugin. The extension has more options, the plugins are easier to use, install and develop, and the random image module has a lot of new options! Before upgrading, please read the “How to Upgrade” section at the bottom of this post, of course.

Lets start!


  • Moved the configuration from being stored in Joomla!’s components table to its own table for the extension in order to make upgrading easier.
  • Every JPhoto page now has a title. The display can be toggled from the configuration.
  • New configuration options allow you to remove “Back to gallery” and the top prev/next links.
  • All strings have been moved to a Joomla! language file.
  • Upgraded the uploadify library to its latest version. This will fix the issue where images were uploading in a random order :).
  • There’s a random image module. You can pick the sizes of the images, and the amount of images to display per row. Four different styles have also been added. The module can also use the javascript plugins!
  • Updated plugin architecture. Plugins are now installed as Joomla! plugins. Settings can be edited through the plugin parameters. Read more on how to write a plugin.
  • New Joomla! content plugin. This plugin allows you to display a gallery inside a Joomla! content article!


  • Random image module: Fixed selecting of single gallery.
  • CSS bug fixed – navigation links now display in a separate line from the images.

Plugins need to be enabled for you to select them for the gallery or modules. We recommend you always leave plugins enabled. They don’t do any harm to the systems performance if you have them enabled, and they only run when JPhoto calls them in.

I already upgraded our demo site. You can see many of the new features at:

How to Upgrade

If you are using any of the Javascript plugins, download all of the JPhoto plugins and install them first.

Download the new version of JPhoto.

Before installing, take note of all of your configuration options. (I recommend you actually take screen shots 0f them.)

Install the new version of JPhoto by simply uploading the new version over the old version. Joomla! will automatically upgrade to the latest version. If you run into any problems, simply uninstall and reinstall.

After installation go to your configuration and update it so that it matches your old one. You will only have to do this once, and it is because the configuration is now stored in its own database table.

To upgrade the module, it’s also a good idea to keep track of your old configuration. Then, you can install the new version over the old version. Joomla! will overwrite, but if you run into any problems refer to your old configuration of the module, then simply uninstall and reinstall.

This is it! Hope you enjoy this new version of JPhoto. We have many plans in the future for this extension and we encourage suggestions!


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  1. Aly22

    Just installed upgrade, but Config won’t save? (Using latest Firefox)?? Otherwise, am thrilled to see this upgrade and LOVE this extension.

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