Magento Customization for a Perfect Customer Experience

Ecommerce is all about driving top-notch customer experience. Realistically, you can’t expect customers to choose you without offering them special and compelling things over other competitors. And, you must keep one thing in mind — this offering goes far beyond just products and services; all you need to impress your customers is ‘flawless user experience: the journey of your customers from storefront to final purchasing.’ What could be other best way to eliminate bottlenecks from sales funnel than Responsive and minimal user experience. It builds customer loyalty and improves retention rate. In short, customer experience (CX) takes the growth of business to the next-level and make you stand out in the challenging ecommerce market.

An effective design is directly linked to your choice of Ecommerce development platform. Therefore, if you’re using Magento as Ecommerce platform —- you’ll get plenty of tools and features to personalize your customer experience. It contains a wide collection of extensions and themes to help its users customize the look-and-feel of the store.

Here, in this blog post, I’m going to share a few practical tips on Magento customization for perfect customer experience.

Let’s get started….!

1- Minimal Design for Shoppers

Undeniably, the layout of your online store impacts directly on the customers and they get at ease meanwhile making a purchase decision. Therefore, it is indispensable for you to customize your Magento store design as per their expectations. It is time for you to prepare a customization strategy – Give a critical look to your most important pages first. Are they reflecting your brand message and values? Does your eStore provide valuable offerings as compared to your competitors? Is your online shop appealing? Once, you’ve done with evaluation; it’s the right time to start customizing your webstore.

Always start with the right theme or you can opt for a custom Magento theme. In both cases, always keep in mind: a minimal design for shoppers is more persuasive than a cluttered one. Because simplicity is clarity and clarity always persuades.

Therefore, the Homepage should be minimalist from where buyers will begin their journey. Similarly, all images and contents should appeal to buyers to complete their buyer journey to the checkout stage.

2- Easy Navigation

Without any doubt, the look-and-feel of your Magento store is indispensable. Therefore, navigation should of top-notch quality to ensure that your customers don’t have any difficulty in searching through your online store. And, they find permanent solutions for their queries at your Ecommerce website. As a matter of fact, a user-centric search reduces pressure on customer support because everything becomes as easy as A-B-C for visitors and they easily discover cross-selling, and up-selling products.

Magento is an Ecommerce platform comes handy because it contains all extensions which can help you customize navigation for your ease of your customers. Apart from streamlined navigation, these extensions help customers find the best products recommended on the basis of their browsing history.

3- Make Checkout Process – Speedy and Simplified

Alongside easy navigation, a thing which matters most for perfect customer experience is ‘speedy and streamlined checkout process.’ The easier it will be for online shoppers to complete the checkout process, the faster they will buy from you, and ultimately, the smoother entire experience will become for them. Well, in reality, the simplifying checkout process isn’t easy. It is challenging and overwhelmingly complicated because users have to go through different pages and they have to fill a large number of fields – This practice drains energy and time of customers.

Magento 2 migration is fully user-friendly because it contains a great checkout process by default. It has various other features as well i.e. guest checkout, a 2-Step order form, no ‘billing address’ field, and content-rich product carts, etc.

I would suggest you migrate to Magento 2 and avail these new and best features. And, if you’re not interested in migration, there are many other options to integrate 1-Step checkout extensions available in the Magento marketplace. These extensions are specialized in collecting order data in two clicks —— Shoppers will complete a purchase within a few steps, period.

4- Streamline Order Fulfillment Process

Ensure that your order fulfillment process is highly streamlined. And, Magneto customization is the best trick to make your order fulfillment process linear and easy. Order fulfillment is a pole of different operations broken down to elements e.g. receiving good from suppliers, inventory management, order processing, product shipping and managing goods returns (when it’s requisite). Magento is capable to handle prerequisites of Ecommerce order fulfillment process – easily and effectively.

Providing a fully streamlined CX (Customer Experience) is mission-critical. It’s challenging because it involves lots of things. More than delivering the order on-time, it Is about saving visitors time and energy,

All-in-all, Magento leaves no rock unturned in streamlining all functions from order management and inventory management to omnichannel fulfillment. There are many extensions that you can benefit from if you are planning Magento customization.

5- Leverage the Power of API

Magento provides easy integration capabilities with API. It means that you can comfortably connect to as many customer relationship management, data visualization, analytics and marketing tools as you want.

So, what are you waiting for?

It is the right time to use this opportunity to streamline CX (Customer Experience) analytics. It will help the marketing team to better serve customers because they’ll have access to complete customer data and they can access it daily anytime and from anywhere.

Final Word- Magento Customization for a Perfect Customer Experience

In the world of Ecommerce business, customization is the game-changer. It makes webstores move to new heights with new updates and a new outlook. Magento is an Ecommerce platform which you can trust blindly for winning shoppers’ confidence. This CMS for digital commerce not only already loaded with default features, but also it provides an extensive range of extensions that you can integrate into your store for getting desired functionalities.

Or, you can look for a custom extension.

But, for customization of your webstore, you will have to get professional Magento developers on board, and they will help you with everything from custom extension development to Magento extension integration.

If you like practical tips discussed here, feel free to share your thoughts in a comment section below:

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Michael spearheads ‘corePHP’s software solutions and service offerings. Focus on sales and marketing for the organization. A huge believer in family and has an amazing wife and 4 beautiful children. Loves camping and hiking. Michael's philosophy is simple: "If you can dream it, we can do it."