How Networking Increases Your Creativity

Creative lightbulb

Creativity is viewed as one of the hottest skillets in the modern business world, primarily because so many individuals are incredibly qualified in the more logical aspects of their work. It stands to reason that boosting your creativity will make you a far better worker, more employable and valuable to your employer.

An essential strategy for increasing your creative powers is to network, to meet new people with new skills and perspectives, and to grow through these meetings. This article reveals how networking can be a real boost for those looking to improve their creative skill sets.

Social Skills

Social skills are, at their heart, creative. That’s because, when you’re meeting new people, you have to bring your A-game to wow them and make a good impression. Socialising is, in this way, an improvisational creative skill that can really help to hone one’s overall creativity by making you reactive, adaptive and dynamic in your way of interacting. Never miss an opportunity to have a conversation with new, intelligent and knowledgeable people. They could end up being a future employer, co-worker or business partner. In any case, your creativity will rise with each interaction.

New Perspectives

The people you meet in your everyday life are experienced, knowledgeable specialists in some areas of the business world. They’re fountains of particular know-how, and they’ll always offer a nuanced outlook on a problem that you might be experiencing in your job. Welcoming in new perspectives is a way of broadening one’s horizons so that your outlook on life is wider, more open, and a lot more creative. Pool the advice of your fellow businesspeople in order to have a macroscopic view of your own business issues, dealing with problems in creative and logical ways.


When you’ve established a few contacts in the world of work, you’ll be able to run project ideas by them. You might have met some freelancers while at a conference, and you’d like them to team up with your brand to create a new identity for your company. You may be sharing an office, such as coworking London, in which millennials with incredible skill sets and imaginations can come right over to your desk to give you pointers on something you’re struggling with. Whatever the scenario, you’ll find that collaboration is made easy, creative and fluid if you do the necessary networking legwork beforehand.

Become a Node

The final stage of network creation will feel something like being a central node in an extensive nervous system of talented individuals. They’ll likely be spread relatively evenly across the business world, with skills that touch upon all necessary areas of work and creativity. When your network is this well established, you’ll be able to put people in contact with one another to boost the productivity of your network, thus sustaining an employment ecosystem that’s able to draw from a deep pool of talent for each and every project. It’s creative and productive, and it’s the result of a long history of successful networking.

Networking will help boost your creativity and productivity, so ensure that you’re never passing up an opportunity to make valuable connections that’ll be of use to you in the future.

Michael Pignataro
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