New product “Fav” – Like Dislike System for Joomla

‘corePHP’ is excited to announce the latest product release “Fav”. Fav(orite) is a Joomla! plugin that displays like and dislike buttons on your favorite Joomla! components.

Fav supports K2, Zoo, JomSocial and Joomla articles, so you can show Like/Dislike buttons on the components you want. More FAVorite supported components coming soon.

See some of the great features:

Basic features

  • Consistent Like system across your whole site.
  • Support for K2, Zoo, and JomSocial.
  • JomSocial Activity Stream reporting.
  • Completely rewritten for Joomla 2.5 without using any depreciated functions.

Customization features

  • 4 standard icons sets: hearts, thumbs, check, and plus.
  • Allow only Like, or both Like and Dislike.
  • Show / hide dislike count.
  • No need for photo editing software to get the images, colors, and sizes you want.
  • Icons are a vector-based font, so changing colors and size is easy via CSS.
  • Icons are automatically sized based on your template.
  • Changeable icons with Font Awesome.

Get Fav NOW as the promotional deal ends October 8, 2012 at 11:59 p.m EDTReceive 25% off all of ‘corePHP’ extensions when you use the promo code: fav. There is no better time to get your FAVorite ‘corePHP’ products.

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    1. Michael Pignataro

      We are currently working on the release. We do not have a release date as of yet. It is currently in beta. If you like to test out beta please contact us at sales @

      Michael Pignataro

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