Newer Digital Magazine Software Makes It Easy for Average Joe to Create Feature Spreads

What if you had the ability to create your very own magazine and you knew that you wouldn’t have to learn that much along the way about how to design the magazine or how to professionally lay it out while learning some quirky software program that was confounding along the way? Thanks to newer digital magazine software, that’s a possibility now for countless people. Perhaps the greatest hindrance in creating magazines from scratch in the past has been the immense associated cost, the time and the effort; notwithstanding knowing how to use the design software and having the appropriate staff in place. These days, the motivated entrepreneur can use software that’s available online to design a gorgeous-looking spread using a drag-and-drop interface that operates under user-friendly point-and-click functionality.

First There Were DIY Websites, Then Apps – Now Digital Magazine Software

At first, people wanted to create their own websites, less, of course, the tedious coding aspect. Along came website builder programs galore, notes an article by The early versions were not so good, like Yahoo’s Website Builder, but were better than coding it on your own for a newcomer. As these services refined, along came a slew of other, better options like GoDaddy’s Website Tonight. Next came mobile app creators, like Bizness Apps. Now, there are digital magazine software programs that you can run directly from your computer while online, and which enables you to create magazines using the same point-and-click approach. Now you can do things quickly while creating and building your website

How they Work

Think of using digital magazine software of the present day like you would using a Word document or creating a PowerPoint presentation or even editing an Adobe PDF. You basically browse for any images, upload them and size them, drag them where you like and create spreads. Much like how Photoshop allows you to use the convenient layering system, you can also create layers to add more depth to your spreads. Then there’s the text, titles, subtitles, quoted areas, multimedia, social media and other powerful add-ons that really make a digital magazine a far more invigorating read than a standard and static paper issue. For all extents and purposes, many restaurants are now adding digital menus on iPad tablets (a recent Digital Trends article highlighted the fact that the restaurant chain, Applebee’s, plans to add 7” tablets to every table in the near future to offer guests entirely digital menus).

Why They’re Great

Digital magazine software has the power to bring out the greatest writers that nobody ever knew about. Similar to how Arianna Huffington rose to fame with the Huffington Post-publication, imagine if there were thousands just like her waiting in the wings to have their shot at fame. YouTube, after all, allows songwriters to get major record deals and enjoy their passions from a simple video upload. With this newer software, it’s the high hope that perhaps a few award-winning magazines will rise to the top from credible creators to offer satiable reading and coverage for all. Along the way, if you happen to be looking for some software that you can start toying with right now, check out Ceros. The Ceros service offers all of the features we’ve discussed above and much more. It could just be what you’ve been looking for to create the next masterpiece in reading that the masses have been eagerly awaiting.

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