8 Fintech Companies to Watch in 2019 and Beyond


Financial technology startups have been exploding in recent years, and this year may be the biggest for fintech. There are dozens of fintech companies nearing the coveted unicorn status of a $1 billion valuation. While startups are making the lives of consumers and businesses easier, many established fintech companies have been doing the same for years.

What is Fintech?

Fintech is a term that means financial technology. This is an industry that provides innovative financial services with cloud and software. Fintech has business and consumer applications that range from the forex trading system realm to health services systems to mobile payments. Fintech companies in the U.S. have garnered funding totaling to $12.4 billion.

With both business-to-client and business-to-business applications, financial technology has altered the banking industry, servicing people who do not have bank accounts. Also, fintech has applications in emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.

With the rise of fintech companies in human resources, investing spaces, cryptocurrency, and insurance, many consumers are likely to use one or two of these applications to manage finances. The following are the 8 fintech companies to watch in 2019 and beyond:

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How Choosing a Database is a Crucial Part of App Development


While there are thousands of apps available, that doesn’t mean they’re easy to make. A lot of thought goes into creating an app. One of the first questions an app design company has to answer when developing a new app is the database that they’ll use.

A database collects and stores user data. This is usually done with a one-time registration or login. This way, users don’t have to log in every time they open the app.

The use of a database also allows an app to operate without an internet connection. Apps that don’t depend on an internet connection run faster and more reliably than an app that does.

If you’re creating an app that runs on a database, it’s important to choose the right database to work with. There are a few considerations to keep in mind and you’ll need to closely analyze your choice so you can create an app that consumers will enjoy using. Continue reading

How Do You List Out the application via PHP based on Framework?

PHP code

PHP is a programming language that allows web developers to create dynamic web applications with its content that can interact with its databases and also a general-purpose server-side scripting language that runs on the webserver allows to accessing lots of developers. It supports nearly all operating systems like Windows, Linux, UNIX, etc. PHP development is simple and easy to use this language is one of the important reasons behind the platform that is popular among PHP development companies. Thus I have listed out the framework based on its application and usage. Continue reading

The 10 Best WordPress Plugins for Ecommerce

Wordpress plugin

The number of online stores is growing every year, and so is the list of WordPress plugins.

WordPress plugins not only help in enriching the functionalities of your ecommerce website but also free up plenty of your time.

You need many different types of plugins to sell your products and services online. If you come to think of it, WordPress plugins provide the same benefits as SaaS products.

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The Marketing Planning Process of A Successful Business

marketing planning   The marketing plan is an essential strategic document that is required by every business to get their product or service to the hands of their prospective customers. It involves the roadmap as to which awareness and demand for a product can be created.

It is as such that the marketing planning process is a quintessential step in developing a fully-fledged business plan. However, it is not just companies who develop marketing methods, but organizations as well. It is through a marketing plan that the overall image of an organization can be shown in its full light.

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4 Cost-Cutting Tech Solutions for Emerging Small Businesses

Small Businesses open sign

The sheer amount of financial and logistical obstacles that small businesses face is incredible. Most people have no idea what kinds of challenges await budding entrepreneurs and small business owners, yet anybody in charge of their own enterprise can list dozens of problems and tribulations.

Arguably one of the biggest challenges newer small businesses face is financial in nature. While great ideas and solutions can yield massive profits over time, initial start-up costs and day-to-day operations in the short-term can be monumental. As such, saving money whenever and wherever possible is absolutely imperative.

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5 People You Need for a Successful Digital Marketing Business

Digital Marketing Specilist

Taking the chance at running a digital marketing business in this day and age isn’t a bad idea. There are endless opportunities in the digital world thanks to the boom of the internet. An increasing number of businesses are also seeing the wonders that a digital presence can do for their brands; if you’re skilled in this arena or know people who are, you could achieve great success. If you’re thinking about starting a digital marketing agency, there are essential employees you’re going to have to hire. Continue reading

How Canned Responses are Failing to Meet Your Customers Expectations


Imagine this: You’re all worked up as the new product launch is round the corner. But even during the ongoing pressure, you make sure that customers get to make an advance booking for the upcoming product. As you open the window for pre-bookings, you see too many emails getting piled up.

You even open up the option to chat live through a small window on the bottom right corner of your website. Keeping their common concerns in mind, you create canned responses for customer support operators so that all frequently asked questions are answered in a go. But suddenly you see a rise in complaints, leaving you in a spot to receive angry emails.

This is where you may ask, “what went wrong?”.

Is it wrong to use live chat for canned responses when having a conversation with the customers?

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Networking with people

A lot of people consider IT networking to be an appealing career. Nevertheless, it is one of the most popular carriers not only among the youth but older people. Now some argue that there is a serious lack of qualified people in this industry. Some also think networking is a fairly easy way to gain a good position in a fast-growing corporation. Nowadays it is the most sought after and high-paid job in the USA.

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Top 4 Must-Know Myths About Digital Marketing Dispelled

Digital Marketing

In the murky and popular world of digital marketing, there are a lot of advanced technical terms to master that can make it fairly overwhelming to comprehend. You will have to master concepts like A/B testing, account-based marketing, ad banner, ad audience; analytics affiliate marketing, brand awareness and a host of other advanced concepts.

And there has been a lot of media coverage due to its popularity. (And a lot of digital marketers are making tens of thousands if not millions of dollars per month.) But with popularity comes public lore spewed by uninformed people that do not comprehend what it means. If you are one of those who will like to tell the difference between facts and fiction, here are the top 4 must-know myths about digital marketing that are dispelled in this post. Continue reading

Guide on How to Design an eCommerce Website and Online Store

Source – https://marketingdigest.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/The-Latest-in-Web-Design-News-Responsive-Web-Design-and-Ecommerce.png

When most brick and mortar stores are turning to eCommerce business, it is obvious that the future of retail will depend on the eCommerce. All the statistics and trends are already indicating to this future. Already in the US, online sales crossed $26 billion by the end of the 2018 year. It will be around $250 billion yearly sales for European countries at the same time. If you add to this figure the sales figure of the robust emerging economies like India, China, Brazil and several others where the online economy is booming, the accumulated figure will cross a few thousand billion. That’s really a big money and considering all the factors the prediction seems to be real, credible and fully justified.

So, nothing really can stop the exponential growth of eCommerce. As a business, you need to decide how long you would take to jump on this eCommerce bandwagon. Do you think building a successful eCommerce website is really challenging? Are you scared of the competition? Let us tell you that the market potential is so big that every business is capable to grab a pie of the booming and brimming eCommerce market provided it follows the tried and tested principles of eCommerce design and development.

Precisely, this is why we are here to offer a detailed guideline about the design and development of an eCommerce store. Let’s start with the design considerations and then about the choice of eCommerce development platforms. Continue reading