Starting a Career as a Freelance Web Developer

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An important and valuable skill to have in this day and age is being able to develop or design websites. This is because the internet has become so pervasive, and it’s an essential tool for businesses and individuals alike. You may have taken a liking to web developing as a result of genuine interest or because it’s a lucrative skill to have. The good thing about this career path is that you could choose to do it as fulltime employment or work for yourself instead. If you want to venture into becoming a freelance web developer, here is how you can do it. Continue reading

How to create a portfolio site on WordPress

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In the modern workplace, a personal website that displays your work experience and education, just like a traditional resume, is one of the surest ways of standing out in a professional career. A portfolio website can be used in isolation or in addition to the traditional resume.

You can edit your resume and include it on your blog. You can use a professional to edit my resume on this site. A good portfolio site communicates to people who you are and what you do in a visually appealing manner. It includes important details such as projects you have worked on, your skills, and the awards that you have obtained.

WordPress is a content management software that enables you to build a blog from scratch without any software development knowledge. It has several themes that you can use as a framework for your portfolio. One of the themes with a portfolio framework is Total theme. All you need to do when using this theme is to drag and drop items on the website. Continue reading

9 Tricks To Redesign Your e-Commerce Website To Sell More Products

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Today, customers have thousands of e-commerce websites to surf and purchase products online. But due to lack of time, their attention span to each website lasts for a few minutes only. In such a scenario an e-commerce retailer has to make sure that his web presence is impressive enough to grab the attention of the visitor within that short period.

Design plays a crucial role in determining whether an e-commerce platform can be a selling machine or not. But it’s not that easy to design a seamless e-commerce web experience. Let’s make this daunting task easier with uncovering the nine key tricks to redesign your e-commerce portal for selling more products. Continue reading

How to Make Your Website More Effective

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A website can be a powerful tool as well as one that’s multifunctional. Whether you want to create more awareness online or give customers an unforgettable experience, it can serve both purposes. However, you want to avoid your website just acting as a placeholder and not generating any engagement. You can do this by working at making it more effective. By effective, it means fulfilling the purpose you had in mind when creating the website in the first place. On that note, here are a few ways that should help you make your website one that is more effective. Continue reading

How to Make Your WordPress Website Stand Out

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With over 1.5 billion websites currently out there, and hundreds of millions active, it can be hard to gain traction to a WordPress website you just started. Building up a community and readership takes time, but only if you have a great website to tempt them to. If it is hard to use, unattractive, or not marketed correctly, you won’t grow that community in the first place.

Online, you compete in what is known as an attention market. In this market, luxury brands and small websites just like yours are on equal footing. It is up to you to follow this guide so that your website stands out from the crowd. Continue reading

The Mobile Customer Experience in 2019 & How to Improve it

So do you want to know how to increase mobile conversion rates for your app? Well, I guess that’s why you are here. Your mobile user experience needs to be optimized and a winning marketing campaign to go with it as it something you cannot afford to ignore.

More than ever mobile phones and smart devices are taking over the e-commerce shopping experience. It is reported in Invespcro that 1.6 Billion users globally purchase items with their smartphones or tablets and this figure is set to rise to 2 Billion. That’s a lot of potential business worldwide that should be taken advantage of.

So before we get the improvements, let’s go over what mobile conversion is.

“Mobile conversion rate is the percentage of customers who opted in or hooked into the mobile marketing campaign out of the total number of people who viewed the campaign.”

The higher the percentage rate, the more successful your mobile marketing campaign is. This article will go through some of the best methods to increase your mobile conversion rates and overall sales.

Speed up Mobile Loading Time

Source: The 2019 Page Speed Report For Marketers

First up, the time it takes to load your site on a smartphone or tablet is a key feature for a few reasons. If it takes longer than 3 seconds to load then 40 percent of users will abandon your page as reported here at Kissmetrics. This ultimately means that users will only wait so long for the page to load before leaving and possibly never returning. This can also cause negative publicity if the experience is shared through social media or word of mouth.

There is also the fact that Google ranks your page by its mobile loading time, so your business will suffer if people search for it and it’s not optimized for smart devices. Continue reading

Moving To The Cloud: Does Your Business Really Need Cloud Computing?

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The internet is, without a doubt, the most disruptive piece of technology that we currently have. There is not a single day that we do not access the internet, whether it’s to check our social media accounts, read the news, or to even search for a recipe.

All these things are made possible because of the internet, but there’s another aspect of the internet that allows us to do so much more. We’re talking, of course, about cloud computing.

Let’s establish the fact that not every business owner is going to be able to afford to have a physical IT infrastructure. This entails purchasing a lot of computing hardware, renting a space to put the equipment in, and let’s not forget the utilities that need to be paid, such as water and electricity, in order to sustain the equipment and the people running it.

And even if you, as a business owner, could afford the initial costs, you also need to consider progression. What happens when your company reaches a point where it needs to scale up in order to be able to meet new demands and for it to be able to function at an optimal level? This is going to bring new problems as well as new expenses because now you need to buy new equipment, find a new space if the old space is too small, and pay for the utilities for two locations or a bigger location.

It’s one thing to know what cloud computing is, and it’s another to know what it can do for your business. The latter aspect is our focus here. So, how exactly can cloud computing benefit your e-commerce business? Continue reading

How SEO Friendly Is Shopify? The Benefits of Shopify SEO Services

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Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform that has established itself as a gold standard for building an online shop. Another interesting aspect of Shopify is that search engine optimization or SEO is built around it. All the features are available for your online store to perform well in search engines. But are Shopify SEO services worth it, or is this just another trending niche of digital marketing?

In this post, you’ll learn the SEO functionality of Shopify and how it can help you boost your search ranking and sales. Continue reading

WordPress Development: Ten Benefits You Should Know About

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Since the discovery and creation of WordPress, several other sites have also gathered a popular following in the tech world. But if you’re looking to create websites that are highly interactive, then look no further than WordPress development. It is one of the most popular and widely used blogging software. It is also considered as one of the best content managing system (CMS) for non-blogging websites.

If you’re looking to create a CMS, then it’s almost impossible to ignore WordPress web development companies. WordPress initially started off as a blogging platform, but today, it serves all types of sites from the corporate site, bank websites, E-commerce, and News Portals. Anyone with some knowledge of MySQL other than HTML and CSS, and PHP, and you’ve done some development on other platforms; then you may want to try your hands-on WordPress development.

The benefits of WordPress is not only enjoyed by developers but also by WordPress development companies and those who work on projects related to web development. But before we check out some of the benefits, let’s take a look at why you should even choose WordPress.

Why choose WordPress?

Are you planning to create a highly responsive, functional and interactive business website? If the answer is yes, then WordPress and WordPress development may just be exactly what you’re looking for.

Ten Benefits that Comes with WordPress Development

Here’s a look at some of the benefits that WordPress has over other platforms:

1. Wide Reach

WordPress caters to at least 65% of websites that operate on CMS platforms. The second largest site only covers 16% of the market share. The difference should be enough to tell you how great WordPress is. Another point worth noting is that a good number of registered domains (almost 22%) are installing WordPress. Since such a large number of people are using WordPress CMS, then it follows that there’s a lot of opportunity for generalized products and custom works.

2. Open Source

WordPress is an open source that has been released under the GPL license. This also includes a lot of its themes and plugins. If you’re looking to start in on WordPress development, then it’s easy to see and understand the code that other developers have written. They may help in pushing your understanding of how WordPress works. Anyone can read and understand it since it is pretty much an open book. You don’t have to depend on the documentation and manuals that the CMS company releases.

3. Best Codex (Documentation)

Are you looking to learn the development and coding work that has been done on WordPress CMS? Then just take a look at the tutorials and official documentation that have been published under Codex. They are very detailed and will help you on your learning journey.

4. Freelancing Platforms

Most of the freelancing platforms – Evento Studio, Freelancer – have a lot of their work listed under WordPress. There are a lot of projects based off of WordPress that you can find.

5. Plugins

WordPress official repository allows you to develop and release but free and premium versions (usually has a lot more features) of WordPress plugins. Since WordPress has a lot of users, you can be sure that you’ll get customers soon enough. However, it all depends on the quality and type of free plugin that you developed.

6. Excellent Support

You can expect a lot of help and support from the WordPress development community. If you spend a little time on a few WordPress forums, you can experience guidance and assistance from both regular WordPress users and plugin authors. The experience is just amazing.

7. Utilize Old Code

Once in a while, you’ll probably run into some themes or plugins that are depreciated or outdated. Luckily for you, WordPress is an open source, which means you can adopt the code and work on the issue, provided you asked the original developer. After you’re done, and you’re happy with the results, you can even choose to monetize the code.

8. WordCamp

This is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends with other WordPress users. This community of WordPress users is known as WordCamp, and you can attend seminars, participate in workshops or just listen/give talks. It is a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people and make new friends. You can discuss ideas and partnership plans with people you meet. Primarily it helps to foster overall development.

9. Start a Blogging Service

Since there a lot of people using WordPress, then it stands to reason that some may just be looking for help related to starting up a blog. If you know the backend of WordPress, you may decide to blog about it, or just monetize the same.

10. Continuous Rise

Every year, WordPress grows by at least 20% and from the way the market is looking, it appears that it’ll continue for the next couple of years. One reason for its huge success is the power of its themes and plugins coupled with how user-friendly it is. The backbone of the success of WordPress hinges on the developers, and that is unlikely to change so why not take a couple of months to try and learn WordPress development? It is a learning opportunity you won’t regret.

The importance of WordPress Web Development Company

When all is said and done about the success of WordPress development, there’s no doubt that the importance of leading development companies will be mentioned. These companies usually possess the professional expertise and in-depth knowledge that they’ll be happy to give to you as support. Some of the advantages of selecting leading WordPress development companies for your project includes:

• Experience

These companies have both extensive experience and the professional expertise ready to support your project from the onset. By picking them, you’re sure to achieve the best results with your project.

• Assistance

From the planning all the way to execution, these companies are there for their developers to provide comprehensive support. You’ll have very little to worry about if you have these leading service providers at your side.

Author Bio:

Harnil Oza is a CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, a mobile app development company based in USA & India having a team of best app developers who deliver best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platform and also listed as one of the top app development companies by leading research platform. He regularly contributes his knowledge on the leading blogging sites.

Helpful Tips and Guides for Joomla or Joomla E-Commerce Sites

Joomla is a relatively new open source technology platform that allows website owners to build their site using the techniques of a programmer, rather than through a drag-and-drop type platform. Like HTML, Joomla is an advanced CMS (content management system) that allows site owners to use programming techniques to create a connection to MySQL or PostgreSQL databases.

The goal of Joomla technology is to create content that is easier to create and manage while allowing for ultimate creative freedom. Additionally, it should make your pages more responsive to the user’s viewpoint and increase your UX.

Joomla requires custom PHP which gives webmasters a backdoor into the programming language to better control the look and operation of your content pages and sites. Continue reading

6 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do With WordPress

If you’ve considered starting a blog, you’ve probably come across the many websites dedicated to WordPress. Apart from the WordPress sites themselves, you’ll find multiple ones that focus on aspects such as plugins, templates and more. So yes, WordPress is well known. But how well do you know it? Chances are you can do much more with this platform than you think.

Whether you have a WordPress site already or you’re still deciding which platform to use, browse through our list. It can help you reach your blog or website goals much quicker. Continue reading

5 Writing Services That Can Make Your E-commerce Website Noticeable

writing services for ecommerce websites

Today, the global Internet has made e-commerce more accessible to all comers. Earlier the organization of electronic data interchange required significant investments in the communication infrastructure and could only be carried out by large companies.

We take E-commerce as any commercial activity using the Internet, which is based on information technology, whether it is advertising or distribution of goods and services.

As in any commercial activity, certain rules have already been established on the Internet. In order to compete successfully, you need to know “what are the two most important management challenges in building a successful e-commerce presence?”

  1. Turn your website visitors into potential buyers.
  2. Develop the site, analyze traffic statistics and try to increase income every month.

Another two points are:

  1. Make the site user-friendly and optimize it for search engines to increase traffic.
  2. Do marketing to promote the site on the Internet.

Customers are attracted to e-commerce by a well-organized marketing campaign which can make your website more noticeable. In its turn, writing websites can help you create viral content for any product you want to sell.

Here are the top 5 writing services we suggest you turn to: Continue reading