How to Build More Traffic and Profit into Your WordPress Blog

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Running a WordPress blog has been increasingly becoming a widely chosen profession for the millennial generation. Basically, everybody wants to be a blogger; and with over 2 million blog posts being written every day, it becomes very complicated for new blogs to filter the noise and stand out.

The competition is glaring because a successful blog performs well in terms of traffic as well as monetization. But, how can a blog accomplish the two? What are the tips that successful bloggers follow to drive insane amount of traffic to their online resources?

How can inexperienced WordPress bloggers build more traffic and yield more profit from the blogs they are running? Let’s find out. Continue reading

Top 3 e-commerce Website Software Development Technologies

Top 3 e-commerce website software development technologies

Today’s e-commerce technologies have now evolved to such a level where enterprises barely require building their e-commerce websites or applications from scratch. They are readymade ecommerce web software development technologies and, developers rely on them to make their work ultra-convenient and implement a project in minimum turnaround time.

Also, apart from fully supporting the web, these modern technologies are fully mobile optimized. It means that they are ready for mobile platforms too.

This post introduces the three most popular web software development technologies for e-commerce platforms. Let us learn about them and also go through their advantages. Continue reading

How To Localize Your WordPress Site: Best Tips

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English is the global language, but it’s not the most spoken language in the world.

In fact, the most spoken native language is Mandarin Chinese with about 1.3 billion native speakers. The second language is Spanish with about 460 million native speakers. And English is the third most spoken language with about 380 million native speakers.

So if you want to make your WordPress site accessible for users from all over the world, you should translate and localize it. You should provide non-English speakers with an opportunity to browse pages in their native language.

In this article, you will find the best tips on how to localize your website and do it fast and easily. Continue reading

4 Ways You Can Use Tech to Increase Customer Satisfaction

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Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a seasoned business professional, customer satisfaction is going to be at the heart of everything you do. Even if you have a great product or service to offer, it means nothing if your customers are unhappy and therefore rate your business badly. Dissatisfaction in customers leads to loss of sales, bad reviews, the possibility of refunds and an overall negative impact on your business.

That is why it’s crucial to keep those customers happy – and here’s how technology can help you to do that.

Use Online Training Courses

You can learn more about better management of your business and increasing customer satisfaction through online enrollment courses and further training. If you’re looking to hone your current skills, or if you’re just starting out in business and would like to learn as much as you can about business optimization and a better connection with your customers, online courses are a great way to do that. Programs such as Lean Six Sigma White Belt can help you to better understand the voice of the customer, and do business more efficiently.

Social Media

Everybody uses social media, which means any business without at least one social media platform is falling behind. Social media is a simple and quick way to communicate with your customers – and best of all, other potential consumers will see you doing so. If you resolve something quickly and efficiently for the world to see, it promotes good customer service and a good business reputation.

Ensure that you’re encouraging conversations via social media, and make sure that you have the option of contact through social media for any customer service queries or feedback.

Online Surveys

One helpful way of determining where you’re going right and wrong with customer satisfaction is through a survey. Customers are more likely to complete a survey online than they are physically or through the post. Offering the opportunity for customers to take a quick survey will be very beneficial for analyzing feedback and therefore working to do better.

You could program a survey prompt to pop up after a customer has placed an order with you (if you run an eCommerce website) or you could have a survey option on your website, through social media or through a customer mailing list.

Device Optimization

You should ensure that your website and business functions work quickly and efficiently, no matter the device. Nothing can increase customer frustration more than a slow website, or pages failing to load when customers are browsing – especially if it is an eCommerce website they are using.

Most internet browsing and website interaction is now done via mobile, which means you should certainly make sure that your website is optimized to work on a mobile device as well as a desktop. Consider mobile interaction when you are designing your website if you are starting a business from scratch and check how certain elements will translate onto mobile devices.


Everything You Wish to Learn About IoT-Based Predictive Maintenance

It has been years since manufacturers have been employing a time-based approach for equipment maintenance. There was a time when the age of the machinery was taken into consideration to plan for maintenance routine. The simple way to calculate it by considering the fact that the older the equipment, the more frequent maintenance procedures need to be executed. However, according to a study conducted by the ARC group, across the globe, only 18% of types of equipment have failed due to its age. On the other hand, 82% fail on a random basis. This goes to prove that the time-based approach is not the right way to go ahead. The final take is a piece of equipment that gets maintained despite its actual requirement.

To get rid of ineffective maintenance routines and costs that accumulate with it, manufacturers can leverage the Industrial IoT solutions in combination with data science. In the forthcoming sections of this write-up, we will look at the various ways IoT-based predictive maintenance can prove to be effective in increasing the efficiency of the manufacturing process. Continue reading

4 Project Management Challenges Dev Teams Have to Face and How to Tackle Them

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Project management is a challenge. Software development project management is even more of a challenge, whether you develop new software applications, work on infrastructure related projects, or maintain web based solutions. However, the challenge isn’t insurmountable, and there are things you can do to manage these issues better. Here are four project management challenges dev teams have to face and how to tackle them. Continue reading

7 Tech Tips for New Startups

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The going can get tough as a startup, and there are sure to be a few challenging days ahead, but it is important that you know how to use technology to your advantage in the early stages of your business venture, because this can help you to overcome many common issues and find some success early on. Many entrepreneurs are not familiar with how they can use tech, which is understandable because it seemingly advances every day. Here are a few ways that you should be using technology when you launch your company, which could make all the difference. Continue reading

Connect WordPress with Live Chat & Up Your CRO Game

All of us have come across that unassuming small box hidden in the bottom right corner of a website. And almost all of us have also made use of it to chat with the customer care team and get our queries resolved.

But how many of us, as business owners, realize the power of that chatbox?

Even if we do, how many of us are actually leveraging live chat effectively to convert website visitors to customers?

If you have even the slightest doubt about any of these questions, then you need to read on.

You spend an enormous amount of money and effort to get traffic to your website. But your efforts are in vain if the traffic isn’t converting to business and revenue.

On an average 50 percent of your visitors are likely to walk away from your home page if not engaged properly. And this can happen in spite of having great content and best products. So is there a solution, you ask? Actually, there is. One that assures almost immediate and sustainable results! Continue reading

Important Digital Marketing Phase for B2C

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Business to consumer is a separate stream when it comes to the designation part because to run business requires huge confidence and experience. You may know that B2C is all about dealing with the consumer. Many techniques can adopt to handle B2C such as traditional marketing, and digital marketing.

Both types are responsible for the movement of progress when you take it as in a proper route. To create a route for this both terms require a long term vision. Even though both terms are important but skill is required to handle digital marketing. This field is growing faster than you think. Working with specific skills by a track to handle the B2C business can leverage business rapidly. Thus these blogs will help you to know which topic should target when you want to draw and work on digital marketing for your B2C.

Make sure that you work with these topics because unless you get work, it’s impossible to achieve success by working on it thus try to exposure your ideas and experience with top internet marketing companies. Continue reading

7 Crucial SEO Mistakes to Avoid in Content Optimization

Whether you are a career blogger or work as a content creator for companies with dedicated blog sections, optimizing your original content for SEO ranking is an essential part of the process. According to SEO Tribunal, 93% of online experiences begin with search engine queries, while 72% of marketers agree that brand relevancy is the main deciding factor for SEO improvement.

If your products and services are popular and respected on the market, your blog’s performance and user engagement will reflect the brand reputation you’ve built up. However, it’s not always enough to create content and publish it without additional optimization or regards for global SEO trends.

It’s quite easy in fact to make crucial mistakes which can lower your Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ranking and thus affect your traffic and revenue as a result. With that said, let’s take a look at several noteworthy SEO mistakes which you should avoid in content marketing and optimization going forward. Continue reading

Modern Software Technology in HR: How It’s Making the Job of Human Resources a Little Easier

HR Software

By its very definition, technology is something that helps people do more in less time and with less effort. The good news for the HR department is that it applies to them as well and there is a whole range of human resource-oriented software solutions available today that can help make their job a little easier, if not a lot so! Continue reading

User Experience Is Everything: 7 Golden Rules of Modern Web Design

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When the Internet was new, web design wasn’t a concern. But, as the web has evolved into a necessity, design has become vital. With thoughtful design, users stick around and become regular visitors. Solid design will market your business on its very own merit.

Whether you are using a platform like Wix, you should follow the rules of modern web design to create a beautiful site that encourages users to come back again and again. Continue reading