Magento Customization for a Perfect Customer Experience

Ecommerce is all about driving top-notch customer experience. Realistically, you can’t expect customers to choose you without offering them special and compelling things over other competitors. And, you must keep one thing in mind — this offering goes far beyond just products and services; all you need to impress your customers is ‘flawless user experience: the journey of your customers from storefront to final purchasing.’ What could be other best way to eliminate bottlenecks from sales funnel than Responsive and minimal user experience. It builds customer loyalty and improves retention rate. In short, customer experience (CX) takes the growth of business to the next-level and make you stand out in the challenging ecommerce market.

An effective design is directly linked to your choice of Ecommerce development platform. Therefore, if you’re using Magento as Ecommerce platform —- you’ll get plenty of tools and features to personalize your customer experience. It contains a wide collection of extensions and themes to help its users customize the look-and-feel of the store.

Here, in this blog post, I’m going to share a few practical tips on Magento customization for perfect customer experience.

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2 Ways to Improve Your IT Department

It Department

The rise of technology in recent years has resulted in your IT department becoming one of your business’s most important teams and assets. To ensure that you are getting the absolute most out of these essential professionals, you should seek to optimize their workflow and enhance their efficiency. By investing time and effort into this challenge, you will stand to reap a host of benefits that are felt across the length and breadth of your company.

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How Do I Secure My WiFi?

A person posing for the camera Description automatically generated

With more devices than ever being connected to the internet, WiFi has become a big part of modern living. Despite making our lives easier, being connected can leave us vulnerable.

Criminals can potentially steal data and information, and this can be devastating for anyone who is affected. More secure WiFi is achievable, but there are some precautions you should take.

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WordPress hosting for your business website

WordPress is one of the best choices if you’re about to establish a website for your small business/blog, etc. It’s very customizable, easy to use, gives you a space to unleash your creativity, and hosting is usually very affordable. One of the first questions for everyone who’s about to establish a WordPress website is: which web hosting is the best? What should I choose? How to decide? Question mark becomes even bigger if you’re newbie without any technical experience – it’s on you to choose, but you don’t have any idea where to start. And it can be tough.

Picking the best web hosting provider is a crucial part of establishing a WordPress website. The future of your website and your online business depend on your choice, so carefully think about what is most important for you and on that conclusion start searching for a reliable host.

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5 Essential Helpful Joomla Tips for Beginners

The race to the top of search engine ranking is getting hotter. There is more competition from peers and other websites offering generic information. Developers, programmers, and entrepreneurs have Joomla to aid in building a website and online presence that will make a brand competitive. Hire an expert writer for your programming assignment to guarantee the best grades and performance.

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The Pros and Cons of TV Advertising in 2020

advantages of tv

Ever heard the saying that television is the king of advertising media? Does this still ring true today, with the rising popularity of podcasts and mobile social use?

You might get surprised to learn how effective the landscape still is.

To help you discover the truth and plan your marketing strategy, check out the disadvantages and advantages of TV advertising right here. We’ve got three pros and three cons listed for you to consider.

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7 Amazing Tools to Optimize Your Business Website Conversions

No matter the industry or business model you chose for your company, your website’s conversion rates will make or break your online presence. According to Tech Jury, 63% of organizations outright lack a structured approach to their conversion optimization, while 80% of marketers agree that lead generation should be the primary content marketing goal of any website. That being said, using adequate conversion optimization tools in your content production and website maintenance activities is of utmost importance.

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How To Ensure High Traffic On Your E-commerce Website?

e-commerce website on a computer screen graphic

Which e-commerce website you visited last? what you browsed? did you place it in the cart and leave it? what drove you towards this website? too many questions?

There are many choices when it comes to e-commerce websites and often attracting traffic towards particular e-commerce can be challenging, because all the e-commerce businesses are not the same and so they might not get that traffic easily. A simple way of putting it is that Traffic on retail e-commerce websites like Amazon is not the same as that of fitness-based e-commerce like

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Industry 4.0: A Simplified Look into the Popular Term

Every production sector undergoes some changes every once in a while. The modern methods of producing products have benefited immensely from new technologies and techniques. The changes have been so huge that pundits in the industry are calling the new transition Industry 4.0. This term can often become a buzzword especially in circles where the transformation is not well understood. In the following paragraphs, we take a look at what this popular term means. We also analyze what changes are happening in the production realm thanks to the digitization of manufacturing. Continue reading

How WordPress Web Development Is Quicker Over Custom

WordPress has become wildly popular since its creation in 2003. According to Forbes, WordPress is used by approximately 75 million websites which make up about 25% of the websites on the internet.

There are plenty of reasons that WordPress has become so popular over the last decade and a half. For one, it offers plenty of versatility and serves as a viable option for a host of website styles and types.

Among the biggest reasons that this platform has become such a common tool is thanks to how quickly it can be used. Since “time is money”, this speed is a significant element when it comes to weighing the platform’s high-demand. With WordPress, businesses can shorten their development time thanks to a few different factors. Continue reading

Four Common Mistakes E-Commerce Sellers Make

Household appliance in cardboard boxes on conveyor roller in distribution warehouse E-commerce,  delivery and packaging service concept. 3d illustration

Part of the beauty of starting out in the world of e-commerce is that it’s something anyone can do. All you need is an idea and a way to sell it. But such low-entry levels can also lead to a heady mix of amateurism and inexact economic science which leads to a particularly high rate of failure. One UK study suggested that an astonishing 90% of new e-commerce companies fail within 120 days. In this article, we point out four of the most common mistakes e-commerce sellers make and what you can do to avoid them. Continue reading

What Can You Learn From A Digital Marketing Agency?

Digital Marketing Agency Team

Digital marketing agencies are composed of experts that have mastered digital marketing as the sole focus of their company. But with the advent of numerous technological advancements, the competition has become all the more stringent.

Hiring a digital marketing agency may mean investing additional time, effort, and money from your part, but if you can learn a thing or two from experts, the results are also going to be worth it. For one thing, it keeps your company on top of the competitive e-commerce industry.

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