Why Is SMS Marketing So Powerful Till Date?

SMS Marketing

Text messaging can help you read people in such clarified and sure ways which you never thought of. You can reach the mobile SMS inbox directly, and get read instantly on the same day. You get instant access to the senses of the consumer through the text messages, and this is what makes it a sure way to send the message, communicate, spread awareness, create an image, etc.

Why text messages rocks?

Text messages rocks for many good reasons. An average mobile user will generally not overlook an SMS message for long, and won’t usually keep things unread in the mobile inbox for days. Email messages may stay unread for many many days. But text messages won’t stay in the unread condition for days. The reason is that the average mobile user does not like the message inbox getting jammed with unread messages, and would rather like to get things cleared by either reading or deleting the messages.

And unless a message sender is marked unwanted or spam by the user, the user will seldom delete the message without going through it once, however quick the glance may be. And smartphone users who keep on checking their phones for messages will not omit a single message generally.

The same user may leave emails in the inbox unread for quite some time, months, etc., but won’t leave an SMS message unread for days. Even phone calls may go unanswered, and the user may never receive marketing calls due to detection of the special number on the caller Id. But messages get a glimpse of the user anyway. And that is why marketing text messages rock.

Asking for consent trough opt-in messages

This is ethical, a good practice, and builds an image of you like the business or organization. If you send your first message with an opt-in option, to which the receiver may answer with a Yes or No, to keep receiving or stop receiving messages, then you can save your resources too. Like in a normal SMS sending service you target 500 users at one go. If you come to know that out of this 500, 300 users are not willing to get your messages again, then you may replace them with a fresh list of 300 users who opted. And this makes the text message marketing campaign much more effective, and also makes you use your leads more effectively, and your message resources more sensibly.

Choose a trackable messaging service

There are practically so many SMS sending marketing service providers, that as the newcomer you may get overwhelmed with choices. But so many choices also cannot bring you the correct pick, unless you realize what you need. There are simple to complex, and advanced services and they come at a rate too. And you will have to pick one who gives out the best returns and helps you evaluate the result of the SMS marketing campaign with true customer behavior report, preferences, data, and many such metrics. Only this will help you analyze what to expect from the marketing, what went well and what went wrong, and which factors need improvement in the later campaigns.

The smart selection of a good SMS marketing platform will give you this option to track things efficiently through their API and software. You should read more about the positive effects of tracking data efficiently through software and realizing the strengths and weaknesses of the SMS campaign. Ignored messages, opened messages, clicked messages, all gets recorded through tracking software when the SMS sending service is robust enough.

You can send personalized messages by tracking previous marketing campaigns

The results of previous marketing campaigns help you track the data so effectively, that you may then plan the future campaigns and send more customized messages with care. The better you personalize messages, the better your business will get a response.

Mobile marketing is preferred for being the fastest

The fastest form of digital marketing for being delivered on time, being read fastest, and responded even faster, makes text message-based mobile marketing the winner. It’s much more effective than email marketing and other forms of digital marketing for being more personalized, reaching direct real phone numbers, and getting real glances from users. And when you add links to the messages, you can get more traffic to your website, which creates an excellent bridge between your SMS marketing and SEO campaigns.

Moreover when you add your contact number or a direct reply link or scope with the message, then you can get really good callbacks, queries, etc. from consumers giving you a deep insight of their reactions.

The best SMS marketing

The best SMS marketing is possible when you choose the best SMS marketing service. You can choose the best with some good research. See for features. General feature providers are a lot. But the best features help you stay ahead of others, reap the benefits of trackable data, and helps strategize your marketing campaigns better.

Automated messages

You can schedule automated messages and stay sorted with your marketing campaigns. This helps you make sure that even when you are not accessing your SMS service, or not in the desk, or not in the duty hours, then also the scheduled messages reach the customers timely. And this is ensured with a 99% uptime of the messaging service and downtime brings strong hiccups for your scheduled automated messages. You must remember this while selecting your service. Taking customer feedback about the service will tell you about their real status in maintaining their uptime.


SMS marketing still has a strong future and gives you guaranteed access to most of the customers you had sent the message to. And hence with text messaging you can lay a firm foundation for your local business in an area. Location-specific marketing gets a great digital dimension with SMS marketing. And you can harness the power of this form of marketing more with the best pick of the SMS sending service.

Author Bio: Jack Dsouja is an experienced blogger who has written articles for several renowned blogs and websites about various uses of social media to engineer more business traffic on business websites. You can follow us on Twitter.

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