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Community ACL has been providing a robust and very flexible permissions systems based on groups, roles, and functions for Joomla 1.5 for some time. While it hits every need required by administrators who want to control access to their site, it’s a manual process to give each user permissions. Some site-owners would simply love to let users automatically pay to join these groups, creating a subscription site or pay-to-access features. That’s where SourceCoast’s newest component, PayToUpgrade, comes in.

PayToUpgrade was released in early May, and can hook into other Joomla components to add payments for things that normally require administrator approval, like changing a user’s permissions in Community ACL. This week, SourceCoast released just such a plugin for Community ACL which lets an administrator define unlimited ‘upgrades’ based on the group, role, and function that a user can move to.
Features of the PayToUpgrade Community ACL Upgrade Plugin:

  • Select which groups, roles, or functions you want to allow users to join
  • Set the price
  • Set the subscription length
  • Each upgrade has a title and description to let you describe what the user is paying for

You can define as many different upgrades as you want, allowing you to offer discounts for longer subscriptions or price variations based on the permissions offered. It’s up to you, and it’s a snap to setup!

Through the combination of Community ACL and PayToUpgrade, creating a subscription service for your site has just become as simple as point and click.

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