sh404sef FREE plugin releases!

Hey everyone, how does some free stuff from ‘corePHP’ sound?

I was getting sick of some of the URLs on our site, so I wrote two router files for sh404sef (I still need to build one for Rokdownloads). The files I wroe are for xmap and JCS.

Click here to download


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11 thoughts on “sh404sef FREE plugin releases!

    1. Rafael Corral

      The best way to create an sh404sef plugin is to follow examples from other sh404sef files that have been created before.
      If you want I can put a quote together as for how much this would cost.

  1. Amaridian


    if you finish your Work on a rokDownload sh404 Plugin could you please send me a Mail? Im looking for this plugin for quite a while now, but theres nothing out there on the net 🙂 Your help would be very appreciated!


  2. marrett


    How much will it cost to develop a plugin for section ex ? I can chip in but you should be able to make it a commercial plugin and charge subsequently…how long will it take ?

    1. Rafael Corral

      Martin, There is no update at this moment, nor there is a guarantee that we will be building this plugin.

      Kindest regards,

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