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sh404sef FREE plugin releases!

Hey everyone, how does some free stuff from ‘corePHP’ sound?

I was getting sick of some of the URLs on our site, so I wrote two router files for sh404sef (I still need to build one for Rokdownloads). The files I wroe are for xmap and JCS.

Click here to download


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11 Responses to sh404sef FREE plugin releases!

  1. Arild K says:

    Could you write me a plugin for sectionEX to work with sh404sef please?

  2. Rafael Corral says:

    The best way to create an sh404sef plugin is to follow examples from other sh404sef files that have been created before.
    If you want I can put a quote together as for how much this would cost.

  3. Amaridian says:


    if you finish your Work on a rokDownload sh404 Plugin could you please send me a Mail? Im looking for this plugin for quite a while now, but theres nothing out there on the net :-) Your help would be very appreciated!


  4. Rafael Corral says:

    Any new releases we post in our blog.

  5. marrett says:


    How much will it cost to develop a plugin for section ex ? I can chip in but you should be able to make it a commercial plugin and charge subsequently…how long will it take ?

  6. Rafael Corral says:

    What type of plugin?
    You can submit a quote request here:

  7. Ed says:

    Any progress on a Rokdownloads SEF router?

  8. Rafael Corral says:

    No there isn’t.
    When we develop it we will post a blog.

  9. Martin says:

    Hi, is there any progress on the sh404sef plugin for RokDownloads?

  10. Rafael Corral says:

    Martin, There is no update at this moment, nor there is a guarantee that we will be building this plugin.

    Kindest regards,

  11. Jeff says:

    404 File not found would be nice to have a plugin for sh404sef and corephp joomla…

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