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Rebuild Your Website As a Bionic Website

Bionic Web

Prepare your website for battle this year with a bionic makeover!

You Need a Bionic Advantage For a Better, Stronger, Faster Website

Going into the busy season soon, there’s no better time than August’s summer lull to re-calibrate and prepare for a busy fall. The web economy is growing faster than ever, and you need to get your website ready for action. Below is a an extended checklist of action items you can do right now to make your site look like a million bucks (or six million!) with better SEO, stronger marketing and faster performance. You can also call the ‘corePHP’ team at (269) 979-5582 to upgrade your site to a bionic website.

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Warning Signs of The Disappearing Web Developer

Watch for signs of fleeing web developers

In my last blog post, “Client Abandonment: My Web Developer Disappeared!“, we took a high level look at what happens when a web developer disappears from a project s/he was contracted to do. Sometimes, it’s not easy to tell when a developer might disappear on you, but there are early warning signs that you should be aware of that will trigger a yellow or red flag.

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