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Big Opportunities for Big Data’s job

Understanding how to use Big Data
In today’s world, data is the fuel organizations run on.  Big Data is a component in every key decision we make.  Unfortunately, poor quality is widespread and costly.  It is estimated that 20% – 30% of the data we use is erroneous.  Many files consist of duplicate entries, outdated information, and erroneous input.  Our intentions our admirable to clean and transform the data, but in this day of cutbacks and reductions, it is seldom accomplished.  As a result, we operate with inaccurate data for decisions.

According to studies, big data is going to create many job opportunities so get ready to grab those opportunities by learning trending technologies through Intellipaat big data training and data science course

Data is traditionally collected to discover trends and patterns to assist with forecasting and to use as early warning signals.   Big Data includes not only traditional database-style information (in columns and rows), but social media, videos, audios, and other forms of communication.  Continue reading