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Utilizing the Bootstrap 4 Grid System for Mobile

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Sophia Phillips of WordPrax Ltd. – HTML to WordPress company shared with us in December an article regarding utilizing the Bootstrap 4 grid system for creating a responsive website. To date, this post has seen significant traffic as many have noticed the usefulness of the article. A short bit ago we were approached regarding having a video developed to showcase the usefulness of the Bootstrap 4 system.

Chris Minnick of Webucator, a mobile web development training site, was so inspired after reading the article that he created a video to further discuss the Bootstrap grid system.

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How to Use The Bootstrap 4 Grid System For Creating A Responsive Website?

Responsive Web Design MichiganConsistency in website design makes it easy for users to read, understand and navigate throughout the site easily. With the help of grid system, you can achieve the level of consistency that otherwise would have been difficult to represent in your website design.

The concept of grid system is not new and have been used in print publications for quite a long time. But, grid systems are being used as standard in web design today, since they help in making the website content manageable and much more readable.

A grid system, basically, comprises of a structure of horizontal and vertical lines that are used for organizing the content. Most importantly, it helps in creating a fine balance between the elements in a website design. Continue reading