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Classifieds Website Design – Learning from the Pros

Are you working on a classifieds website?

Well, you won’t get far with the thousands upon thousands of competitors that are out there. The big players have branched out to different countries, and even different continents. Then there are many little local players too.

So how are you going to have a fighting chance? As with any business, you’re going to have to provide something unique.

Interestingly enough, providing something unique in the field of classifieds websites isn’t as hard as many would think. In fact, it may be as simple as providing a website design that’s more user friendly.

When creating the design for your classifieds website, you will want to focus on doing it in a way that your competitor’s aren’t as you don’t want to look like a copycat. You also want to be perfect in areas where your competitors are flawed.


Let’s look at some big players and see how they have things set up, then consider how you may benefit from doing things similar or how it may be better to do it completely differently.


The most obvious classifieds website that’s valued as being a ‘big player’ is Gumtree. They are one of the few companies to have branched out beyond just their home country. They are also a huge household name in the UK. Continue reading