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cACL Update 1.3.9 for Joomla! 1.5 Access Control

We’ve released Community ACL 1.3.9. We have added several new additions with the way we handle front-end menus. There is now support for yoo_enterprise. We’ve also turned on preserve-entities in libtidy to not change   into the dreaded ‘?’s. To get the look and feel more consistent in the back-end we’ve removed the sort options for the roles. All the columns now sort alphabetically on the group, role, or function name. The “remove all” button on the functions will now work properly as well.

Bug fix version 1.3.8 corrects an issue where the category drop-downs were being replaced with incorrect information.

1.3.7 of Community ACL fixes an issue that showed up as a result of adding libtidy for front-end joomla menu restrictions.

Bug fix version 1.3.6 addresses an issue where in IE8 will not properly remove all list items by clicking the clear all button.

This will not work in Internet Explorer:
tbody.innerHTML = ”;
It’s a known bug that they (MS) have ignored.

But never fear, replace the innerHTML code with:
while ( tbody.childNodes.length >= 1 ){
tbody.removeChild( tbody.firstChild );

We are committed to continuing the improvement of our products. Please feel free to submit support tickets for any issues you are experiencing.

For more information on Community ACL::

Learn more about cACL

Shocks, Scares & Sales! Vote for your favorite monster

We need your help! Our staff has turned into ghastly creatures for Halloween and are giving people incredible deals on all of our products! From October 28th to November 3rd, 2010 we are offering a 15% discount on everything in our store! Just enter the code Halloween2010 at your checkout to receive bloody great savings.

Vote on our scary staff

Thanks to a cool new iPhone app named iMut8r we have all been transformed into frightening beings. We need your help figuring out who is the most eerie, hair-raising, horrifying employee in ‘corePHP’. Scroll through each of them if you dare and cast your vote. Meanwhile, I’ll be hiding and waiting for them to transform back into their ‘normal’ selves again.


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New Website = New Products!

Our new site has been up for almost a month. Thank you all for your feedback! I am happy to announce that all the updates noted in the “New Site Updates: Part 1” Blog post are completed. With those last few changes, the site should be pretty much rock-solid. Of course, we welcome suggestions, so please let us know if you notice anything or encounter any problems.

Now, to business! Here’s a list of the great new products and services that will soon be available through ‘corePHP’.

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PayToUpgrade / Community ACL

Community ACL has been providing a robust and very flexible permissions systems based on groups, roles, and functions for Joomla 1.5 for some time. While it hits every need required by administrators who want to control access to their site, it’s a manual process to give each user permissions. Some site-owners would simply love to let users automatically pay to join these groups, creating a subscription site or pay-to-access features. That’s where SourceCoast’s newest component, PayToUpgrade, comes in.

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Community ACL – 1.2

Security is an important thing for everyone. Whether it’s an alarm in a house, a checkpoint at work, or a security system at a shopping mall, it is important for all of us to feel we are protected. Here at ‘corePHP,’ ensuring your safety is a high priority for us. Thanks to Community ACL, we can now help you provide top notch security for your website. Community ACL provides a revolutionary system that extends beyond the Joomla! ACL. Be the first on the block to have the most secure site with our feature-rich, fine-grain ACL system.

‘corePHP’ is committed to delivering the best products available. Upon reviewing the wish-list for Community ACL, we integrated the most popular feature requests and added some new bug fixes. Below is an itemized list of the new features and bug fixes for version 1.2.

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Community ACL 1.1 is UNVEILED!

Does Joomla!'s lack of ACL make you pull your hair out? Save money on hair implants and get Community ACL 1.1

After a long wait, the newest version of Community ACL has been released! If you were dissatisfied with the menu patch process in the older version, then you are not alone. Now Community ACL has its own menu that it relies on for its functionality.  No more patches!

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‘corePHP’ is growing, expanding…and more!

Check out the new and exciting things happening at ‘corePHP’!

Thanks to your support, ‘corePHP’ has expanded in just a few years from a grass-roots company to a much larger organization with a full-time, talented staff. As always, we are taking new steps to improve our services and enhance your experiences. Below is a list of changes that may affect you. Please read carefully:
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Community ACL – 1.0.15 – HUGE UPDATES

After months of developing and working with various clients on strategic updates, we are now officially releasing a major update to Community ACL packed with new features and enhancements. The most exciting updates include detailed documentation (very much requested), simple redirection upon login, enhanced GUI changes, improved handling of permissions, auto registration for Community Builder, and much, much more!  Check out a complete list of all the fixes below and get your copy today.
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WordPress MU for Joomla! 2.7.1 Release

The next release for WordPress MU for Joomla! is here! I have moved all of the WordPress and WordPress MU for Joomla! data and work flow into more organized systems to help speed up development and keep track of bugs, feature requests and plugin requests. After a while, post-its just don’t cut it.

We have opened up an account with LightHouse. This web service allows tracking of tickets, and we are using it to track bugs, feature requests and plugin requests for our WordPress extensions. Soon we’ll also be using it for Community ACL.

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