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Special One-time, Two-weeks Only Promotion at ‘corePHP’

corephp one time special birthday celebration

Who doesn’t like to throw a little party for their birthday? Well, it’s that time of the year again for Steven and me, so we thought, why not make year 33 the most spectacular of them all. So, to celebrate, we are offering our biggest promotion EVER for both our design work and our Joomla! extensions. While I suggested the typical one-week promotion, I was overruled by Steven and we made it a unique two-week only celebration. I guess being the oldest doesn’t always have their perks (who cares if it is only by a minute) 😉 Continue reading

‘corePHP’ Expands, Opens New Joomla Development Services Office In São Paulo, Brazil

New 'corePHP' office in São Paulo, Brazil

Joomla development firm ‘corePHP’ announce a new office in São Paulo, Brazil

Today, ‘corePHP’ LLC, our growing Battle Creek, Michigan based web development firm, announced we have opened up an office in São Paulo, Brazil. São Paulo is one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, with fast-expanding needs for Joomla Development services, cloud based SaaS offerings, and custom CMS development. With this, ‘corePHP’ has added Senior Software Engineer Adam Docherty, and PHP Developer Roberto Gadducci Filho to the company’s growing roster of professional Joomla Developers.

Top Most used Plugins by Coupon websites

Are you a coupon blogger looking for plugins to take your business to the next level? or are you tired of using plugins that don’t really interpret your mind clearly as you wanted. Here are some of the plugins that are wildly used by coupon bloggers and are said to be one of the best.


Coupon Store
This a fantastic plugin that allows you to easily embed short codes of various coupon stores of your wish in to articles written on your blog, with this you can get your reader fed with your write-ups and also stylishly advert the company short codes.

Coupon Creator
This very coupon plugin is rated among coupon bloggers as one of the sophisticated and yet simple coupon plugin ever. This coupon is wildly popular and the functionality is very flexible. Coupon creator allows you to create and manage your own coupon by using a short code. The amazing thing about this coupon is that; one, its free and it also create coupon at custom post type, which means you can design your coupon to look however you want it. You can just download and try it fast if you haven’t.

Coupon Code
Coupon code is a very unique plugin that I’ll implore all coupon blogger to have in their word press. It is a fantastic coupon plugin that allows you to have right of whatever coupon code you provide without anybody having the right to copy or use it without visiting your affiliate link. Isn’t it fantastic? Though this plugin is free and you can have all the fun it but, you will be surprise and won’t be able to contain yourself when you upgrade to the elite version.

Voucher Press
This is a plugging that mustn’t be talked about when talking about the list of the top most use coupon plugins in 2014.

Voucher Press, as its name implies, is a plugins that is use to create voucher with different layout and font from different templates. These vouchers generated from this plugging can be printed or downloaded as the case may be.

Social Coupon for WordPress
Now that social media has become part of the tools that help any online and offline business, social media coupon for wordpress  has also become a familiar friend to coupon bloggers in helping their business connect stylishly to a wild range of friends and customer around the world.

Social coupon for WordPress is a plugging that allows users to get instant discount for sharing your pages on their account. This plugging offers discount to her customer and it support various social button like facebook button , google plus button , twitter and many more

These list is extract from the best and popular plugging that’s used by coupon blogger and is subject to personal and opinions base on experience. Though there are some other fantastic pluging that are not mentioned here and you are free to mention them on the comment box for the benefit of people who wished to know more plugging

What motivates you motivates us!

Just the other day I got a call from a client. Right in the middle of the conversation he asked me, point-blank, “You seem to really like your job. Why is that?”

This got me thinking. What really motivates ‘corePHP’ to do what we do? Our work is not easy and often times it’s challenging and difficult. But we do love it and wouldn’t want it any other way. Let me explain why. Continue reading

Our new plugin makes CSS3 in IE (and any other browser) easy!

What is this?

Anyone who has tried to add CSS3 to their site knows how difficult and time consuming it is to figure out the correct code for the correct browsers. Also, how do I make it work with IE? Wonder no more! With the Automated CSS3 Generator Plugin all you need to do is enter the values for the CSS3 you need and it does the rest. It also only outputs the CSS for the browser you are using so you won’t need 4 lines of CSS to do a simple rounded corner anymore. Continue reading

Choosing the right development firm for your Joomla site

TRUE STORY…BEWARE! A business hires an inexperienced freelancer or an offshore development company at $20 an hour, and the company estimates the project will take 50 hours to complete. OVER 100 HOURS LATER, the website doesn’t work and no one knows why. The developers keep adding hours and demanding more money. The business pays through the nose, then gives up on the developer and hires a more qualified, experienced company that charges $85 / hr. The company reviews the code and discovers the problem: The website has built-in errors deep in the code. In the end, it takes the new company only 75 hours to create the website…and it works perfectly.
Continue reading

‘corePHP’ Twitter account reach 10,000 – Thank You!!!

Twitter Logo

Our Twitter account has reached over 10,000 followers! ‘corePHP’ would like to thank everyone that follows us and helps us share our message. Twitter is a very important part of our communication channel and helps spread information that is important to us and our community. Over the years it has been a gateway to help introduce us to new clients for our services and our products. Thank you, Twitter, for helping us grow to where we are today! We are looking forward to the new and innovative people we have yet to meet via twitter. Tweet away!!!

Wow, over 10,000 followers! We’d like to celebrate our success on Twitter by offering members 30% off for two days only. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to be part of the growing Joomla community of ‘corePHP’.

Please use coupon code: ‘ twitter10k ‘. Promotion ends February 15th at midnight.

Join us on Twitter today!


Michael Pignataro
VP of Operations

Shocks, Scares & Sales! Vote for your favorite monster

We need your help! Our staff has turned into ghastly creatures for Halloween and are giving people incredible deals on all of our products! From October 28th to November 3rd, 2010 we are offering a 15% discount on everything in our store! Just enter the code Halloween2010 at your checkout to receive bloody great savings.

Vote on our scary staff

Thanks to a cool new iPhone app named iMut8r we have all been transformed into frightening beings. We need your help figuring out who is the most eerie, hair-raising, horrifying employee in ‘corePHP’. Scroll through each of them if you dare and cast your vote. Meanwhile, I’ll be hiding and waiting for them to transform back into their ‘normal’ selves again.


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New ‘corePHP’ forum released

For the past 6+ years ‘corePHP’ has had an unbranded forums. These forums did not properly provide our users the reflection upon our company that it should. Over the past few months we took the initiative to properly redo the forums and we are proud to announce our new design and format for the forums. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Brand new design.
  • Easily find the proper forums and post.
  • Best of all – the forum questions are now being answered by our new support staff.

The focus was to give our users more interaction with ‘corePHP’ and the ‘corePHP’ community. Enjoy!!!

New forums: Click Here

Michael Pignataro
VP of Operations – ‘corePHP’

Call for beta testers!

As you can probably tell by our recent posts, we have released a few new products…and we also have other products coming as soon as we get our coffee machine fixed. 🙂

We need some happy and trustworthy mutants to help us test product updates and upcoming products. If you are interested in helping, email our CEO Steven Pignataro….I’m kidding! He will be mad if he gets all that mail. Just post a comment to this post and make sure that you enter a valid email address.

Just one thing – Please don’t volunteer unless you have the time to download and test Joomla! products on a regular basis.

As a compensation for testing our products, you will receive a hefty discount if you decide to purchase any of them.

Thank you!

CEO – Steven Pignataro’s son born on April 19 2010

Nicholas Anthony Pignataro

We are are thrilled to share the exciting news of the birth of Nicholas Anthony Pignataro born to CEO Steven Pigantaro and his wife Emily Pignataro on April 19th 2010. Nicholas was born at 8:23 and measured 21 inches in height and 7lbs 9oz in weight. This healthy baby was welcomed to the world by his parents along with their family and friends that came to visit during the day. Congratulations to both Steven and Emily on their newborn son.

We are celebrating this amazing day by giving a 1 day ONLY sale of 50% off on all subscriptions.  Please use our discount code babynicholas2010 – this special ends at noon on April 21st 2010 EST.

Again, congratulations from the ‘corePHP’ team to Steven and Emily Pignataro.

Free Seminar to Inform Public about Social Networking in 2010

BATTLE CREEK, Mich., January 6, 2010 – The public is invited to participate in the first of a series of technology seminars about social networking for 2010. The seminars, co-sponsored by Battle Creek Unlimited and Miller College, are designed to explore social networking with the goal of boosting interactivity among citizens of all ages in Calhoun County.

The first seminar will take place as a free session on Tuesday, January 12 from Noon to 1:00 p.m. at Miller College in Battle Creek, in Seminar Room A on the third floor. Attendees should register for the session at http://bctechnologyseminar.eventbrite.com. Space is limited to 40 participants, and there’s still availability. Refreshments will be provided. Continue reading