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Office Closed for Memorial Day

‘corePHP’s offices will be closed this coming Monday, on May 25, for Memorial Day. We will be back in the office on Tuesday May 26th, and will answer your support questions and catch up from the weekend at that point. Have a great weekend and spend it well!

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What’s so special about May 9, 2009?

May 9th 2009 is a special day for CEO Steven Pignataro. Why? Glad you asked – He’s getting married! (Insert fanfare here.) That’s right – Steven will finally tie the knot. If you want to send him any warm wishes, send a comment – or, if you have a generous heart, send a gift! (Seriously. He won’t realize this was posted until after he gets back from his honeymoon. Check out the contact page for the address.)

To celebrate the occasion, our doors will close early on Friday, May 8.

Thank you!

The flight of the penguins

Here at ‘corePHP’, we not only stay on the cutting edge of technology, but we also search for any news about our beloved mascot, the penguin! We were astonished to find this amazing bit of information on the BBC about our feathery little friends. Words cannot describe how surprised we were to learn this intriguing bit of info. What does this mean for the future of these amazing creatures? What does this mean for the future of the zen penguin? Only time will tell. Enjoy the video!