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Keep Customer Data Safe On Your eCommerce Site

keep your eCommerce data safe

Ways eCommerce store owners can keep their customers’ data safe.

No matter what eCommerce solution you’re using, as a website designer, integrator or e-commerce business, online data security is one of your greatest priorities. Cybercriminals want your customers’ private information, and most consumers don’t take proper steps to protect themselves. For example, a CreditDonkey survey found that more than 68 percent of consumers use the same password for multiple sites.

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Manage Your E-Commerce Site the Easy Way

Easy Button - paGO Commerce

paGO Commerce makes managing your e-commerce site easy.

Ever had the thought of putting your head through the wall, frustrated with how complex the software developers made it to configure your e-commerce site? Why do they make it so complex, when it should be so freaking simple!!!

When we created paGO Commerce, we listened to the pain points people would share with us about other e-commerce carts. We learned from their stories of frustration, using e-commerce carts that were tedious to use and time consuming to operate. What’s the point of sales automation if it’s a pain in the neck to operate?

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Professional Grade eCommerce For Joomla

Professional grade eCommerce for Joomla is here.

Joomla store owners finally have a professional grade eCommerce solution.

Professional Grade eCommerce for Joomla is here with paGO Commerce

In this post, I’ll focus on eCommerce extensions for Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. eCommerce is likely the most complex extended application any third part developer could endeavor. Since shortly after the founding of each the “big three CMSs”, the DIY / mass market has been well served with VirtueMart, Übercart and Woocommerce respectively, but the professional grade enterprise market has been vasty underserved, particularly in the Joomla and WordPress arenas. The verdict’s still out for WordPress, but good things are now happening for Joomla, with the recent launch of paGO Commerce.

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Easy eCommerce Product Management With paGO

paGO Commerce eCommerce product management made easy

We make eCommerce easy to manage.

When it comes to managing your products or services, you want a system that’s easy. You want a system that doesn’t force you use multiple administration processes, causing you to invest all kinds of time, trying to figure out how the system works. at paGO Commerce, we designed and built our eCommerce solution to be easy. paGO Commerce’s focus is to empower store owners to grow their business, rather than spending time struggling to learn the system itself.
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All New paGO Commerce: It’s Mobile-FAST!

Check out our new back-end for paGO Commerce, built by 'corePHP'

The folks at ‘corePHP’ announced an all-new high-performance back-end for paGO Commerce.

Yesterday, ‘corePHP’s CEO and Chief Technology Officer Steven Pignataro announced the latest stable release of paGO Commerce, version 1.1.1. The big news was the creation of an all new back-end admin interface for paGO Commerce. The new back-end makes paGO easier to use, lighter weight, and faster for store owners to manage their online businesses.

Whether you’re creating an online retail shop, an app store, product directory or your own custom event registration system, paGO Commerce for Joomla is the fully capable eCommerce suite you need to customize with ease. We’ll go into more detail in tomorrow’s blogpost, but feel free to download paGO for Joomla! now, and give it a try for yourself! It’s free, open source, and built to help you move more product, easier and faster than ever. Continue reading

paGO Commerce 1.1 Released With All-New Back-End

paGO Commerce 1.1.1 features an all-new back-end

Since releasing paGO Commerce in January of this year, we’ve been hard at work on the next steps along our roadmap. We created paGO Commerce  to alleviate the headaches created by many mainstream commerce platforms. Above all, our focus was on creating a more future proof, modular codebase, that didn’t leave developers at a dead-end, forced to hack the core in order to make even the most basic changes. With paGO commerce, you can bend it any way you want. It’s flexible, and it’s fast.

This new double release of paGO Commerce (1.1 and its followup, 1.1.1) sets the tone for our rapid development schedule for paGO Commerce. This development round’s focus was on improving the “back-end” workflow for store owners, in order to make it faster and easier than ever to manage inventory and product attributes. Following the advice of many of our early adopters to paGO Commerce for Joomla, we made substantial improvements to the Admin Panel, along with a host of other improvements, which I listed below. Continue reading

Avoid The Dangers of Obsolete E-Commerce Software

Obsolete Radio

Time flies, and things become old and unstable. Your e-commerce store is no exception. Just like your car will break down one day if you don’t maintain it periodically, your online store can face the same fate. Avoid the risks, because the results can be devastating to you and to your customers.

An obsolete store not only causes problems while operating, but can also act as a repellent toward your current and future customers, without you even knowing about it. Here are three checkpoints to consider, in order to improve your online sales, and keep your site up to date…

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4 Tips for Creating a Catchy and Effective E-Commerce Landing Page

E-commerce wesite

E-commerce being attractive

You might have the greatest products at the most affordable prices, but if your landing page on your e-commerce website is lackluster and ineffective, customers might not be compelled to take the crucial step and place an order. An attractive and eye-catching landing page will do more than merely look great, it can help inspire potential customers to complete the conversion. The following tips can help e-commerce business owners make sure their landing page is as powerful as possible: Continue reading

3 Ways to Boost E-Commerce Sales with Guerrilla Marketing

Paying for product on ipad

Adorable kitten videos aren’t the only way to get attention online. Small businesses can also advertise in the digital sphere through guerrilla marketing. With more than 71 billion in e-commerce sales, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, business owners won’t want to pass up the opportunity to boost their sales with guerrilla marketing techniques. These unconventional, low-cost advertising methods can help small businesses stand out from the competition and improve their bottom line. To succeed, you’ll want your company to be three things: surprising, witty and bold.

Be Surprising

Consumers today are so bombarded by advertisements that they’ve grown completely numb to them. Fortunately, a surprising and subtle ad can catch their attention once again. For example, small businesses can send beautiful bouquets of flowers to their customers and attach a handwritten thank you note expressing appreciation. This random act of kindness is effective because it demands attention. Keep this strategy low-cost by sending this cheerful gift to a select handful of loyal online shoppers. Alternatively, EnMast recommends spotlighting a customer through personalized shout-outs on Facebook or Twitter. Any unexpected friendly gesture—big or small—is sure to increase your chance of becoming a company people know and trust.

Be Witty

A well-placed advertisement can generate a positive response and take advantage of consumers’ love for humor. To create the perfect online setup for your e-commerce site, begin with an objective. Who is your target audience? What are you trying to sell? Answer these two questions and you’ll have an easier time brainstorming comical guerrilla marketing strategies. Heineken, according to All Business, released an online video in 2009 featuring a group of women getting excited over a walk-in closet and contrasted this scene with a group of men in the next room celebrating a walk-in fridge filled with ice-cold Heineken. The video went viral and the company took the stunt to beer festivals, narrowing the gap between online advertising and consumer-led marketing. Small businesses can shoot their own humorous videos without spending a fortune. A smartphone and a group of friends is all you need to create the next viral video. Just remember, keep it tasteful and make your brand the star of the show.

Be Bold

A bold guerrilla marketing stunt is arguably the most effective, but also the most difficult technique to get right. A small business must walk a fine line between insulting and avant-garde. Jobsintown created a brilliant campaign with the punch line, “Life is too short for the wrong job.” Their ads featured a person powering a laundry machine, vending machine or arcade machine, among others. The tactic was creative and approached a delicate topic in a non-aggressive way. Adapt this method for an online environment by advertising your product or service through compelling content. An article or video that demands a reaction from viewers is more powerful than a passive banner ad on a website. Because your business might not have the means to outsource to a third-party provider yet, come up with great content ideas by brainstorming, interviewing and reading other blogs, suggests CopyBlogger.

Turn Your Sales Department into an e-Sales Department

As the recent innovation of Amazon’s drone shipping network shows, your customers can now utilize the Internet whenever they desire to buy and ship any type of products that tickle their fancy. The U.S. Department of Commerce notes that Internet shopping has grown so popular that the third quarter of 2013 saw no less than $67 billion in sales. Companies that lack an online outlet may find that their brick-and-mortar stores can no longer provide satisfactory sales. How can your business launch an e-commerce platform? Continue reading

Why E-commerce Websites Are In Demand

online shopping cart

Since everyone in the world now has access to the internet, it is safe to say that the reason why E-commerce websites are so popular is because they all have so much potential. Creating an E-commerce store allows you to sell products through the internet and can accept all major payment methods. They are the easiest way for your customers to pay for the product and have proven to be extremely easy to market. In this article we are going to go more in depth about E-commerce websites and how come they are in such a high demand.

Easy for Customers to Use

The power of the internet has taken away most of the hassles that come with purchasing a product. You no longer need to physically go to a store, you no longer need to wait in line, you can get all the information you need about the products directly from the internet, and everything else is shortened and made easier when you order online.

So, naturally more and more people continue to hop on board and get most of their shopping done over the internet. Just ask Amazon.com, which is one of the biggest E-commerce websites out there. Bottom line is, by having an E-commerce site, you give your customer a easy way of accessing your products and at the same time, are able to market them towards new and other products. Continue reading