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25+ Simple & Elegant Flat WordPress Themes to Revamp Your Website Design

A new design trend (or style) taking the UI and web design world by storm – flat design, is nothing but a minimalistic approach of design in which we desperately decide to remove all the ornamental elements like gradients, shadows, 3D effects, etc. out from our design and mainly focus on the simple solid objects, elegant fonts, bright-colors and most essentially a two-dimensional screen space.


That day is long gone, when a glossy, shiny and colorful button saying “Buy Now” was enough to attract the attention of the visitors. Now, it’s too boring and mainstream. In flat design, though we remove all the flashy illustrations and groovy textures, but the end result is clean, simple, pure, eye-catchy and simply outstanding. It marks a clear separation between the objects and the space around them. So, in this article we have decided to put forward a fresh collection of the most beautiful and elegant “flat design” WordPress themes.

We have included both free as well as premium themes, but it was really difficult to manage free themes which are worth mentioning (beside the premium ones), so they are fewer in number than the premium ones. We have also mentioned whether the themes are “free” or “premium” and have also mentioned the price of each premium theme, so that it becomes less tiresome for you to manually dig through the prices of each one of them. Continue reading