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The Ultimate Responsive Web Design Tools for Designers– Part II


Now, we have reached the second part of the series where we will continue with some more important grid systems and frameworks you may need for your responsive web design process. We will then continue with the JavaScript and jQuery plugins which are very important to give your website the advanced responsive features which it deserves.

Responsive web design is not just for the sake of the visitors but also for the designers who give a lot of time and brain in creating the websites. Can you imagine the pain of designing and developing individual website layouts for different devices? How much time will it take and how much money will you need to spend for that? Responsive web design can manage the entire matter with just a single layout which will dynamically adapt to various browser and device sizes with ease. Just a little bit of intelligent coding, that’s it. Continue reading

The Ultimate Responsive Web Design Tools for Designers– Part I


With the exponential growth in the adoption of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets for viewing websites, the need for responsive web design is gaining more ground. If you do not know anything about “responsive web design”, then it is better to learn a bit about it and then check out the tools and resources available for it.

But I will try to give you a short overview of what “responsive web design” actually is. It is a web design approach in which the website layout is flexible enough to adjust to the visitor’s device screen size and resolution automatically. It really doesn’t matter if you are viewing a particular website in a mobile phone, or tablet or laptop or a large high-resolution monitor, as the website will automatically adjust to various screen sizes and change its layout accordingly to give the visitor the cutting edge experience they desire. Continue reading