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The Complete Guide on Google Authorship for SEO

I would like to start this article straight with a question that confuses many webmasters and bloggers who are constantly searching to find information about it. What is Author Rank? And Google Authorship?

This article will be covering almost every single information you need to know about Google Authorship. These are some of the questions, whose answers will be crystal clear to you after you finish reading the entire article.

1) What is Google Author Rank?

2) What is Google Authorship and How Author Rank and Authorship are interlinked?

3) Why should I even care about Google Authorship? What are the benefits of it?

4) What are the ways I can implement Google Authorship for my website?

5) How is Google Authorship and Author Rank going to change the face of modern SEO?

You probably, have got many questions in common with those that are currently hovering in your mind.

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