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Typography Explosion. Fresh Free Fonts

Making the content well-organized and readable is a typographic challenge every designer faces with. The wrong choice of fonts can spoil any good design, that’s why it’s so important to find its right style, color and size. The selection of a font brings a character to a website and conveys its main ideas to the viewers. Actually, typography is 90% of design, and that’s the reason to focus attention on it while you design.

What are the rules of using fonts for creating visually pleasing layouts with their own mood? Observing all of them, you can be sure that your designs will be welcoming.

  • 2-3 typefaces are enough for one design. This amount is suitable for focusing attention on the content without distracting from its main parts.
  • Alignment. It guides the readers through the content, highlighting its key points and making it more readable.
  • Visual appeal. The average fonts sometimes look too plain and don’t compliment to the overall beauty of the design. Choosing the nice-looking ones, it’s possible to add appeal to your site.
  • Creativity. Play with typography, make it interesting to look at. It’s hard to exaggerate it, so don’t worry and experiment


It can be also said that typography if more important than graphics in design. Why? Font hierarchy underlines the message hierarchy, the choice of particular type can differentiate messages. Mixing various fonts you can create nice design effects.

Google Web fonts, Fontdeck, Typekit, Webtype are well-known and most-used depositories of fonts. Ask any designer about where to find the desired font, and he’ll name one of these resources. And where to get free fonts that will not take you extra money to spend for buying them and time for designing? Here is a compilation of the fresh hand-picked free fonts that you are welcome to use in your works. Only the latest and the finest items are gathered here. Hurry up to get them!

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Axis Font

Axis Font

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Draft Font

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Pixel Perfect Web Design

Have you ever noticed that Photoshop will anti-alias the edge of a rectangle? This is because the edge of the rectangle happens to fall in the middle of a pixel. If you follow these few simple rules when designing websites in Photoshop, you can ensure that the edges of your rectangles will fall exactly on the edge of a pixel, making the shape super crisp and sharp.

Screen shot 2010-07-28 at 5.06.54 PM

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