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Top 10 iOS 13 Features That’ll Excite Mobile App Developers in 2020

iphone and Apple Watch showing latest iOS

Mobile app development trends change frequently. Every year, there arises something new that attracts the attention of all. Whether you are just an IOS user or an IOS app development company, you might very well be aware of Apple’s latest release, yes we are talking about IOS 13.

Rollback to the time when apple first took to the stands to announce the list of new features added with the ios 13 updates. Days after the denouncement, there was a buzz of what’s good and what’s below the mark.

Developers indulged in testing and trying each feature to keep their apps updated and on par with the industrial trends. In case you missed the debate, don’t worry we got your back.

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jomMobile SDK for developers now available!

Attention all Joomla! developers:  We’re happy to announce that our jomMobile SDK is ready for download!

Now you can easily develop jomMobile plugins that let your users manage your Joomla! extensions right from their mobile device.

jomMobile plugins give your customers a better value for the extensions that you offer. Whether at home, or on the go, customers who have your jomMobile plugin will be able to use your extension anytime, anywhere, on just about any device.

And our SDK will save you loads of time developing one, too. You can use your own browser and create it using languages you already know—like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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Manage & Edit your Joomla! website on-the-go with jomMobile

In today’s fast-paced world, wouldn’t be great if you could manage your Joomla 1.7 website on-the-go using your Android phone, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad?

What if you could add new articles, add new categories, view new users, and edit your Joomla menu items quickly and easily from anywhere, at anytime?

Well, now you can with ‘corePHP’s‘ brand new, FREE mobile app called jomMobile

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jomMobile: the free Joomla! mobile app for iOS and Android

Manage your Joomla! site on the go with jomMobile!
‘corePHP’ is excited to share this app with you, we had a chance to beta test the app since it was in its early stages, and it has now been released in the App store and in the Android market. jomMobile has everything you would expect from a free Joomla! mobile app. The app is 1.7 compatible, so if your site is not 1.7, upgrade now!

Here is a quick overview of what you can do with the app:

  • Manages 1 site
  • Article Manager – View/Add/Edit/Delete
  • Category Manager – View/Add/Edit/Delete
  • Menu Manger – View/Edit/Delete
  • User Manager – View only

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