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paGO Commerce, LIVE On Joomla Extensions Directory

paGO Commerce listed on the Joomla Extensions Directory

Today, we’re pleased to announce ‘corePHP’s newest software extension, paGO Commerce™, was officially approved and listed on the high-traffic Joomla Extensions Directory.  paGO Commerce is now ‘corePHP’s 6th software extension listed on the “JED,” along with WordPress For Joomla, jomDefender, and several other software products ‘corePHP’ makes specifically for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3. Be sure to download paGO Commerce today and give it a try for your own e-commerce needs. Also, leave a review on paGO Commerce on the JED too!

A New Year Wish From Joomla

Sarah Watz New Years wishes from Joomla

Today, Sarah Watz, 2014-2015 President of Open Source Matters, shares this New Years wish for you in video form, from her home: “It’s a beautiful day! It’s blue skies, it’s sun and it’s snow, so what more can you ask for for New Year’s Even in Stockholm, Sweden…Thank you for your passion…I’m looking forward to 2015…to celebrate Joomla’s 10th year anniversary.”

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4 Tips for Creating a Catchy and Effective E-Commerce Landing Page

E-commerce wesite

E-commerce being attractive

You might have the greatest products at the most affordable prices, but if your landing page on your e-commerce website is lackluster and ineffective, customers might not be compelled to take the crucial step and place an order. An attractive and eye-catching landing page will do more than merely look great, it can help inspire potential customers to complete the conversion. The following tips can help e-commerce business owners make sure their landing page is as powerful as possible: Continue reading

Three Ways to Determine if Your Website is Attracting Leads

Website leads

You could have what you think is the most attractive and compelling website in the world, complete with eye-catching graphics, information about your company and your products, and coupons and discounts on your services. But in order to be sure visitors to your site are truly interested in your company and what you have to offer, it’s important to have measurable ways of determining your their level of interest.

While you can get help qualifying leads from experts in lead generation, it’s also a great idea to make your company website as lead-friendly as possible. The following three online user behaviors are handy and measurable ways to analyze visitors’ actions while they are on your site: Continue reading

40 Joomla Bestsellers to Make Your Website Look Great

I assume that you’re already familiar with the one of the most effective and powerful control management system available today. Of course, you know I’m
talking about Joomla and I’m glad to present you 40 Joomla bestsellers – the most popular and impressive collection of bestselling templates with
astonishing design and wonderful ease of use. Joomla is an extremely flexible and robust system, and with its help you’ll be able to create unique and
original websites and online applications. Joomla is very easy to learn, and after some time spent to grasp all the important aspects you will definitely
realize what a fantastic instrument it is. These 40 Joomla templates will provide you with such essential features as responsive design, advanced
navigation, usability, as well as other important technologies, such as great amount of flexible modules and extensions that will easily satisfy all
your most demanding needs.

The 40 Joomla bestsellers you see here, made a great showing throughout a long period of time. People became acquainted with them and chose these best Joomla
templates over other themes, so this fact speaks for itself already. And that means all the hard work was already done for you – there’s no need to go through
hundreds of templates, and visiting dozens of websites in search of the most suitable theme. The most juicy part is here! Take any theme among these 40 Joomla
bestsellers and make sure yourself. There is a huge variety of categories you can choose from – you may find here quite a few stylish business themes,
suitable for big and small companies, great-looking templates for financial advisers, restaurant templates with delicious images of mouthwatering food,
smooth and sleek websites for IT companies, including an Internet service provider template and themes for software developers, templates designed for
architects and construction companies, themes perfectly suitable for medical care services and plastic surgeons, fitness club templates, and a vast amount
of other categories. And remember – every single Joomla template here is top quality.

And also one of the most crucial things is that these Joomla templates are responsive. This means that they will suit not only a PC monitor, but other
devices as well, such as tablets or smartphones. Your visitors would feel comfortable using any platform they prefer in order to go to your site and that
means a lot. And if you want your website to be extremely functional and have all the modern features you can think of – no problem. With Joomla you can
have tons of various additional extensions – from Image Swoop slider, carousels, tabs, and social sharing buttons to Google Map plugin and an advanced
Newsflash module – everything you need to design a site with a high quality performance and functionality. So, without further ado, let me demonstrate you
this carefully picked collection of 40 Joomla bestsellers, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Flying Safely With Airplane Joomla Theme

Safety at Airports Joomla Template

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Handpicked HTML Templates: Part One

We brought two exciting series of themes for Joomla and WordPress, and now we are back with another series. This time we will be featuring some beautiful HTML templates, which you can use to create normal HTML based websites.

However, the scope of these wonderful templates should not be limited to only plain HTML based websites. In this regard, we are ready to help you in converting these HTML templates to Joomla and WordPress themes for you, without you worrying about a thing. Feel free to contact us.

Let the list begin,


T-TwoView Demo | Buy T-Two

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3 Ways to Boost E-Commerce Sales with Guerrilla Marketing

Paying for product on ipad

Adorable kitten videos aren’t the only way to get attention online. Small businesses can also advertise in the digital sphere through guerrilla marketing. With more than 71 billion in e-commerce sales, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, business owners won’t want to pass up the opportunity to boost their sales with guerrilla marketing techniques. These unconventional, low-cost advertising methods can help small businesses stand out from the competition and improve their bottom line. To succeed, you’ll want your company to be three things: surprising, witty and bold.

Be Surprising

Consumers today are so bombarded by advertisements that they’ve grown completely numb to them. Fortunately, a surprising and subtle ad can catch their attention once again. For example, small businesses can send beautiful bouquets of flowers to their customers and attach a handwritten thank you note expressing appreciation. This random act of kindness is effective because it demands attention. Keep this strategy low-cost by sending this cheerful gift to a select handful of loyal online shoppers. Alternatively, EnMast recommends spotlighting a customer through personalized shout-outs on Facebook or Twitter. Any unexpected friendly gesture—big or small—is sure to increase your chance of becoming a company people know and trust.

Be Witty

A well-placed advertisement can generate a positive response and take advantage of consumers’ love for humor. To create the perfect online setup for your e-commerce site, begin with an objective. Who is your target audience? What are you trying to sell? Answer these two questions and you’ll have an easier time brainstorming comical guerrilla marketing strategies. Heineken, according to All Business, released an online video in 2009 featuring a group of women getting excited over a walk-in closet and contrasted this scene with a group of men in the next room celebrating a walk-in fridge filled with ice-cold Heineken. The video went viral and the company took the stunt to beer festivals, narrowing the gap between online advertising and consumer-led marketing. Small businesses can shoot their own humorous videos without spending a fortune. A smartphone and a group of friends is all you need to create the next viral video. Just remember, keep it tasteful and make your brand the star of the show.

Be Bold

A bold guerrilla marketing stunt is arguably the most effective, but also the most difficult technique to get right. A small business must walk a fine line between insulting and avant-garde. Jobsintown created a brilliant campaign with the punch line, “Life is too short for the wrong job.” Their ads featured a person powering a laundry machine, vending machine or arcade machine, among others. The tactic was creative and approached a delicate topic in a non-aggressive way. Adapt this method for an online environment by advertising your product or service through compelling content. An article or video that demands a reaction from viewers is more powerful than a passive banner ad on a website. Because your business might not have the means to outsource to a third-party provider yet, come up with great content ideas by brainstorming, interviewing and reading other blogs, suggests CopyBlogger.

Typography Explosion. Fresh Free Fonts

Making the content well-organized and readable is a typographic challenge every designer faces with. The wrong choice of fonts can spoil any good design, that’s why it’s so important to find its right style, color and size. The selection of a font brings a character to a website and conveys its main ideas to the viewers. Actually, typography is 90% of design, and that’s the reason to focus attention on it while you design.

What are the rules of using fonts for creating visually pleasing layouts with their own mood? Observing all of them, you can be sure that your designs will be welcoming.

  • 2-3 typefaces are enough for one design. This amount is suitable for focusing attention on the content without distracting from its main parts.
  • Alignment. It guides the readers through the content, highlighting its key points and making it more readable.
  • Visual appeal. The average fonts sometimes look too plain and don’t compliment to the overall beauty of the design. Choosing the nice-looking ones, it’s possible to add appeal to your site.
  • Creativity. Play with typography, make it interesting to look at. It’s hard to exaggerate it, so don’t worry and experiment


It can be also said that typography if more important than graphics in design. Why? Font hierarchy underlines the message hierarchy, the choice of particular type can differentiate messages. Mixing various fonts you can create nice design effects.

Google Web fonts, Fontdeck, Typekit, Webtype are well-known and most-used depositories of fonts. Ask any designer about where to find the desired font, and he’ll name one of these resources. And where to get free fonts that will not take you extra money to spend for buying them and time for designing? Here is a compilation of the fresh hand-picked free fonts that you are welcome to use in your works. Only the latest and the finest items are gathered here. Hurry up to get them!

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Axis Font

Axis Font

* * *

Draft Font

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Enrich your Website with GenerateCSS

CSS has a lot of potential, and you can use it to create a whole lot of stuffs from buttons, to transition effects, and even animations. However, creating complex stuffs such as buttons and animations can be challenging and time consuming.

Time is everything. Utilizing your available time and making sure that you waste only a minimum might be your priority like a whole lot of other people. In such a situation online CSS generators come in handy.

You just need to select what you want, customize the output according to your needs and in no time you will have the full CSS coding right in front of you.

GenerateCSSGenerateCSS is one such website where you can generate CSS in minutes, and the best part is that its absolutely free to use.

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