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20+ Beautifully Designed Themes for the Latest Blogging Platform – Ghost (Free & Premium)

Ghost is a new blogging platform built on the Node.js framework, which mainly focuses on simplicity and ease of use so that you can spent less time managing the technical aspects of your blog and more time in expressing real thoughts.

Ghost started out as a Kickstarter project by John O’Nolan and spread out massively after its public release. Ghost is an Open Source project and you can download it for free from ghost.org. The developers of Ghost have also planned for a hosting services just like WordPress for easy and 1-click setup of your blogs.


Ghost aims simplicity and here are some simple yet beautifully designed themes for the Ghost blogging platform. So, if your blog needs a makeover, then you are just at the right place. This article showcases some of the best and most beautifully designed themes that are available for the latest blogging platform – Ghost. Continue reading