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Diving Deeper into PHP – Part III


Till now, we have learned quite a bit about PHP and have also created out first PHP file. Now, it’s time for us to dive deeper into PHP and learn some more interesting stuffs. In this part of the course, we will be learning about php.ini configuration file, phpinfo() function, outputting HTML using PHP and also about using variables in PHP.

You will possibly never lose the interest reading this article, as there are a variety of things for you to learn this time. So sit back, relax and just give your full attention to this article.

The Importance of php.ini File and phpinfo() Function

php.ini – The PHP Configuration File Continue reading

What is PHP & How to Set-up a PHP Web Server? – Part – I


Welcome to the first part of the “PHP for Beginners” course. In this course, my aim is to make you understand almost everything you need to learn to get started with PHP. It is mainly targeted for the absolute beginners who are just going to start learning PHP and also for the intermediate learners who have a little knowledge of development with PHP.

I would try to explain everything in-depth and also in a very simple and lucid language, so that anyone can easily understand what’s really going on and enhance their learning curve. I won’t go into any complex aspects of PHP like OOP (Object Oriented Programming) approach with PHP as they are absolutely beyond the scope of this “beginners” course but will surely be covered in future courses I do.

Before starting this course, I would like to throw some light on what PHP actually is and how it works? Without a proper understanding of this, you will never be able to feel the real essence of PHP. I would also discuss the step-by-step process of setting up your local server which you will need to develop PHP applications faster. Continue reading