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Joomailer meets AdminPraise3

Over the course of years watching Joomla grow we have seen some amazing components and extensions hit the mainstream. The latest and greatest are Joomailer and AdminPraise3.

Joomailer is an integration of MailChimp and Joomla. MailChimp helps increase your sales and analyze your marketing tactics to optimize your strategies and connect further with your audience. Joomailer is a stellar component with a clean user interface that’s excellent in terms of both coding and useability.

Joomailer is compatible with AdminPraise3, which we feel is the best back end template for Joomla.  AdminPraise3 describes its new release as “component-aware” and its goal is to improve the usability of Joomla. AdminPraise3 will reach out to extension devs and work with them to improve the Joomla user experience. The result will be improved usability of the Joomla CMS. For more information on AdminPraise3 and the Joomailer integration, Click here

We at ‘corePHP’ hope to spread the word about the great components and extensions available for Joomla, and we encourage other development teams do the same.  Please keep up the good work! If we work together, we can make Joomla the #1 CMS in the world, today and for many years to come.

Michael Pignataro
VP of Operations

Time to Monkey Around with Joomla!

Earlier this month we did extensive research into a new Email Management tool that was 3rd party and not part of Joomla!. Why, you might ask. Well it is simple – our mailing list is just plane huge. It was time to make the big move. So we did research in all the major company’s and found “Mail Chimp” to be one of the best on the market. With it’s powerful API you can easily create a plugin to send data back and forth. So with that said get going and download our latest plugin for Joomla! and Mail Chimp: Chimp your Joomla!