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8 Best PHP Rating Scripts for Developers

Top 8 php Rating Scripts For Developers

Do you know how Rating Scripts helps developers?

It basically allows website owners to understand their audience of their sites and the feedback to enhance their business.

Rating is the best way to build a long-term relationship with potential customers and improve revenue for your business. In this article, I have collected some of the PHP scripts that will aid your development jobs and make your work smooth enough.

Following scripts will gear up your visitor’s mood and let them stay on the website! Continue reading

How the Rise of 4K Ultra HD Affects Video Marketing Professionals

4k UltraHD

As 2015 began, video accounted for 64 percent of all Internet traffic, and by 2019, Cisco projects this will increase to 80 percent. Advertisers are shifting their budgets accordingly, with half of all advertisers who are increasing their video marketing spend reallocating funds from traditional TV ad budgets, according to AOL Platforms’ 2015 US State of the Video Industry Report. Mobile video marketing consumes an expanding portion of advertising budgets, with expenditures increasing 18 percent since 2014. Continue reading

Knowledge Is Power: How to Enhance Your Marketing Skills

Businessman Video Conferencing With Colleagues On Pc At Desk

As a marketer, you should be equipped with a broad knowledge base that helps you in your career pursuits. There are specific areas of knowledge and exercised skills that contribute to more effective campaigns and stronger professional relationships. Here are some specific categories in which you should gain expertise as well as how you can enhance your intelligence: Continue reading

Marketing Techniques that Will Increase Sales


As a business owner, it is important that you can analyze the effectiveness of your marketing. There are a number of tools and software that will assist with data analysis and help you assess and adjust your marketing techniques. You should know who is visiting your site, what successful inbound marketing entails, how you can provide consistent content, and how you can calculate your lead and sales conversion rate. Here are tips for you to run a more efficient and profitable business through marketing tactical analysis:

Who Is Visiting Your Site?

Monitor your site’s visitors through Google Analytics, which will help you make informed decisions based on customer insights. National Geographic endorses Google Analytics and states that it helped them improve engagement by 33 percent and click-throughs by 21 percent for content promotions on the company’s homepage. Eric Jillard, the general manager of marketing services of Mercedes-Benz, states that Google Analytics helped the car company identify that more than 75 percent of CLA250 customers are new to Mercedes-Benz. The data they acquired from the analytics program helped them understand who their buyer is and the buyer’s behavioral tendencies. Google Analytics Premium will provide you with more than data—it also gives you actionable insight that will guide your marketing initiatives. It has a Data-Driven Attribution tool that will rank the value and effectiveness of your campaigns and digital channels, so you can adequately adjust your marketing methods. Continue reading

How to Sell within paGO Commerce

paGO Commerce leading Joomla! e-commerce

Are you using paGO Commerce right now or are you looking? Either direction, this is a must to know. paGO Commerce is a powerful platform for e-commerce but built within it is powerful tools for marketing and sales. Now marketing and sales are just general terms so let’s dig deeper to see what we should be looking at to make MONEY!!!

paGO has two areas of ways to increase more sales. Coupons and Discounts. Each area within paGO provides powerful tools to help increase your conversion and ability to make more sales. We will touch on each one.


paGO Commerce Coupon

Super flexible and lots of great options available here. Having a robust system gives you the ability to run many targeted campaign. Just the ability to run campaigns that are target means you have a better conversion rate. You don’t want to be targeting the wrong audience then you loose them for the right product. ‘corePHP’ provides services where we can help you understand your audience better and provide you the best direction how to set up targeted campaigns. Contact us today if you need assistance.

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Powerful Brands: The Significance of Brand-verbing

brands as verbs

Brand-verbing: Using brands as verbs.

We Skype, Google, Xerox and Photoshop as verbs, and when your brand goes from noun to verb, that’s “brand-verbing,” and it’s also a sign that you’ve reached the big time. Brand loyalty is a combination of factors. Despite the huge selection available, modern consumers still feel loyalty to the brands that they are familiar with. In fact, research by IRI found that 44 percent of millennials consider themselves to be loyal to the brands that they purchase.

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10 Tips To Build a Better Landing Page

Landing page recommendations to improve your SEO

We’ve got some landing page recommendations for you to improve your SEO.

First impressions inspire many of the minor and major decisions in one’s life. An excerpt from a book’s chapter could help you decide to whether read that book or not. The façade of a certain home for sale could surely influence your desire to look for it inside. This also goes the same with the landing pages of your website, as it could simply shape the first impression of a user. Continue reading

New Year. New Goals. New Technology.

Try something bold and new in 2015

It’s January, the perfect month for you to make bold new moves to grow your audience, close more sales and stay ahead. And ‘corePHP’ is here to take the plunge with you!

Technology continues to play a pivotal role in helping businesses quickly and affordably adapt to their market and set new goals for growth and change. Today more than ever, the content, marketing and sales technology you choose will determine your future success in customer engagement, lead generation and bottom line sales.  That’s why you need a top notch technology partner to help you reach your goals. Continue reading

Great Online Sales Promotion Ideas

Online Sales Promotion

In this competitive market, engaging prospects is challenging enough, but closing the sale can seem all but impossible sometimes.  Having a great online store isn’t sufficient now; you need to draw customers to your store in order to make a hefty number of sales. To help you out, here are some proven methods that will draw people to your product page, and will give you a better chance of closing a sale.

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3 Ways to Boost E-Commerce Sales with Guerrilla Marketing

Paying for product on ipad

Adorable kitten videos aren’t the only way to get attention online. Small businesses can also advertise in the digital sphere through guerrilla marketing. With more than 71 billion in e-commerce sales, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, business owners won’t want to pass up the opportunity to boost their sales with guerrilla marketing techniques. These unconventional, low-cost advertising methods can help small businesses stand out from the competition and improve their bottom line. To succeed, you’ll want your company to be three things: surprising, witty and bold.

Be Surprising

Consumers today are so bombarded by advertisements that they’ve grown completely numb to them. Fortunately, a surprising and subtle ad can catch their attention once again. For example, small businesses can send beautiful bouquets of flowers to their customers and attach a handwritten thank you note expressing appreciation. This random act of kindness is effective because it demands attention. Keep this strategy low-cost by sending this cheerful gift to a select handful of loyal online shoppers. Alternatively, EnMast recommends spotlighting a customer through personalized shout-outs on Facebook or Twitter. Any unexpected friendly gesture—big or small—is sure to increase your chance of becoming a company people know and trust.

Be Witty

A well-placed advertisement can generate a positive response and take advantage of consumers’ love for humor. To create the perfect online setup for your e-commerce site, begin with an objective. Who is your target audience? What are you trying to sell? Answer these two questions and you’ll have an easier time brainstorming comical guerrilla marketing strategies. Heineken, according to All Business, released an online video in 2009 featuring a group of women getting excited over a walk-in closet and contrasted this scene with a group of men in the next room celebrating a walk-in fridge filled with ice-cold Heineken. The video went viral and the company took the stunt to beer festivals, narrowing the gap between online advertising and consumer-led marketing. Small businesses can shoot their own humorous videos without spending a fortune. A smartphone and a group of friends is all you need to create the next viral video. Just remember, keep it tasteful and make your brand the star of the show.

Be Bold

A bold guerrilla marketing stunt is arguably the most effective, but also the most difficult technique to get right. A small business must walk a fine line between insulting and avant-garde. Jobsintown created a brilliant campaign with the punch line, “Life is too short for the wrong job.” Their ads featured a person powering a laundry machine, vending machine or arcade machine, among others. The tactic was creative and approached a delicate topic in a non-aggressive way. Adapt this method for an online environment by advertising your product or service through compelling content. An article or video that demands a reaction from viewers is more powerful than a passive banner ad on a website. Because your business might not have the means to outsource to a third-party provider yet, come up with great content ideas by brainstorming, interviewing and reading other blogs, suggests CopyBlogger.

5 Advantages of Pay Per Click Advertizing

Pay Per Click AdvertisingWith all the money you’ve already invested into your website, and the free marketing tools available through social media, you might wonder if it’s worthwhile to invest in pay per click advertizing. The answer is yes for most websites and businesses interested in driving traffic their way. Start by launching a pay per click (PPC) campaign for your website on a trial basis and you’re sure to be pleasantly surprised with the results. Continue reading

What to do when it all goes wrong

Monitoring Online Reputation
Every brand, whether a website or an official business, wants to promote a positive image 100% of the time. When you launch a marketing campaign, you are operating with that goal in mind. Crafting and maintaining a pristine image is just as important as improving visibility and converting leads into sales.

The problem is that no brand can always look good. Scandals can be sparked from the tiniest of infractions made by a single member of staff at any level. When that mistake is not properly dealt with, it can spiral out of control faster than you ever imagined. From then on, it can just get worse and worse by the moment.

Amazingly, some brands in the past have shown themselves to be completely incapable of dealing with a problem in a timely and professional manner. Continue reading