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New Office We Call Home In Battle Creek, Michigan

New building in Battle Creek, Michigan

‘corePHP’s new building at 245 W. Michigan Avenue, in Battle Creek, Michigan

We’re excited to announce the purchase of a new building for ‘corePHP’s corporate headquarters in Battle Creek, Michigan. We’ve now got plenty of room for our people, and the foosball table. Battle Creek has been our home since 2001. Our new address is:

‘corePHP’ LLC
245 W. Michigan Avenue
Battle Creek, Michigan 49017



Choosing the right development firm for your Joomla site

TRUE STORY…BEWARE! A business hires an inexperienced freelancer or an offshore development company at $20 an hour, and the company estimates the project will take 50 hours to complete. OVER 100 HOURS LATER, the website doesn’t work and no one knows why. The developers keep adding hours and demanding more money. The business pays through the nose, then gives up on the developer and hires a more qualified, experienced company that charges $85 / hr. The company reviews the code and discovers the problem: The website has built-in errors deep in the code. In the end, it takes the new company only 75 hours to create the website…and it works perfectly.
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