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Why Mobile Optimization Is Crucial for Good SEO Outcomes

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Businesses and brands of all sizes now realize just how powerful the internet can be for their bottom line. Whether it be positive or negative, the internet can instantly impact a website’s performance, causing it to benefit or suffer from the effects. While social media increasingly drives trends, fads, and even marketing decisions, search engines remain an essential element in attracting attention.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a significant consideration for most successful brands, whether they are targeting international audiences or local ones. Concerning mobile audiences, SEO couldn’t be more important. We’ll look at why mobile optimization matters in affecting good SEO outcomes for your brand or business. Continue reading

Tips and Trends in Mobile Website Design That Every Developer Should Know About!

If you talk about a website, then it is by default a mobile website now as more than half of the internet users are accessing it through their mobile devices only. This number is on a constant rise, and within a few more years, it may be more than 90%.

When it comes to web designing point of view, in the last few years, the mobile design has exploded exponentially, but it can be tricky for the designer to know what to do regarding mobile-friendly design. A mobile website is not just a concept of choosing between a website or an app to design, but there is a range of considerations to make in between.

To help the designers who are desperate to know the nuances of mobile website design, here we have gathered eight expert tips to consider while creating a strategy for mobile website development. Remember that here we are focusing purely on mobile website design, but not responsive design. Let’s start. Continue reading

The 2 Greatest Challenges of the Mobile World

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Not so long ago, building a website or application for your business meant designing a single platform that would look great and run smoothly on a single, solitary device: the personal computer. This was before the proliferation of smartphones, tablets and phablets, when the majority of people still had to sit down at their desktop to point-and-click their way across the World Wide Web. When it came to the end-user experience, the only real variation that designers had to anticipate was screen resolution and processing power. Make the text and graphics too small, and you might render your site illegible on those low-res CRT monitors. Get a little too chippy with the Flash animation, and you might crash someone’s computer. Continue reading

From Desktop to Mobile: 3 Tools to Make Your Site Look Great

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Designing an attractive, engaging website used to be easy. Even just a few years ago, you could feel confident that the product you saw on your screen would look nearly identical on anyone else’s screen. Sure, there might be some slight variation in resolution or screen size, but the majority of people were still interacting with the web from the comfort of a desktop or laptop computer. But that has completely changed.

A Pew Research Center poll suggests that nearly 65 percent of American adults own a smartphone, and that nearly half own some kind of tablet device. This suggests a major shift in the way consumers are interacting with the web. As a designer or developer that means you have to find ways to build websites that are easily viewed on a variety of devices. It can be a tricky process, but luckily a variety of tools and services exist to ensure your website looks great on a tiny mobile screen or a 60-inch HD monitor. Continue reading

5 Essential Mobile Game Development Tools

5 Essential Mobile Game Development Tools

Everyone likes to play games on his/her mobile as they are equally popular among people of all ages. You can keep your kids occupied and busy by letting them play the games. Mobile games also prove as the best stress buster available in the busy lives of people. You can relieve the work stress by playing a mobile game in your free time and can entertain yourself. Developers of mobile games are on the go now and they create interesting games for all the people. Mobile games range from simple candy games to the fighter ones thus they gain interest of all the people. You can easily download free or paid versions to have entertaining and fun moments. Continue reading

The Cloud Is Calling: Are You Ready to Answer?

The Cloud is calling

Making the switch over from a traditional model to a cloud system can benefit your business—helping to reduce company costs and increase sales conversions. But how exactly can a cloud contact center impact your business? 62 percent of 169 organizations surveyed were using cloud based call centers as of 2013, according to DMG Consulting. Here’s a roundup of the benefits and things to look out for when you make the switch.

The Scoop on Cloud Call Centers

A traditional call center entails computers running necessary software, local IT support, on-site servers and other hardware working efficiently to keep the center up and running. When a call center exists in the cloud, a company is logging in to use all of the necessary systems to run their business. Much like logging into an email or streaming your video library directly from Amazon, a cloud call center system can be used from any location. Continue reading

What Do People Really Want From Mobile Apps?

This is the one question that absolutely every single internet marketer wants to know the answer to because understanding what mobile device users want can lead towards dominating the market in the future. We say this because Google already sees the world of mobile devices as the one that we should all focus on with the mobile market eventually dominating Internet access.

Mobile Apps Will Control Everything

We can see a shift towards the internet world and new gadgets that use smart apps in order to control various features of our lives. We have apps that can turn on the AC unit before we get home and devices that let us know when the dog is lost. With all this in mind, we can say that mobile applications will surely help us to do things that we thought impossible a few years ago.

Think about anything that you would love to control with the use of a mobile device app running on iOS or on Android. For instance, think about your door. You can open and close your garage door with an app connected to the internet. You can track everything that you eat during a day with a gadget that records it and then reports everything through an app.

So What Do People Want From Mobile Apps?

To put it as simple as possible, people want everything from mobile apps. They want them to be used in order to make life simpler. Anything that would make the life simpler for a person will become a success. Mobile developers from all around the world want to offer people what they want and that is becoming easy these days.

We can say that people want mobility. They do not want to be restricted to a desk when they want to use an Internet feature. Developers and app creators work really hard in order to give people access to such features. The brand new gadgets that appear will always have some sort of connection to an app because this is what people want.

Mobility is something that will happen a lot faster than we are tempted to believe. A few years ago we did not even dare to believe that we could turn on the lights in our homes with the use of a mobile phone. Now it is something that already appeared on the market. Who knows what the future will offer us?

All developers have to understand that there is a huge market for mobile apps. There are many gaps and any developer has to stay focused on offering as much as possible.

A favicon for the mobile era

You know the favicon, this small icon displayed in the tabs of the web browser. They look like minor elements but someday Google updates its own favicon and everyones loses their minds. It is common practice to generate a favicon along with any new web site. The procedure is familiar to all web designers: get a master picture, usually the web site’s logo. Give it to a favicon generator to get a favicon.ico file. Declare this file in all HTML pages of the site. Task completed!

Or not. Continue reading

jomMobile SDK for developers now available!

Attention all Joomla! developers:  We’re happy to announce that our jomMobile SDK is ready for download!

Now you can easily develop jomMobile plugins that let your users manage your Joomla! extensions right from their mobile device.

jomMobile plugins give your customers a better value for the extensions that you offer. Whether at home, or on the go, customers who have your jomMobile plugin will be able to use your extension anytime, anywhere, on just about any device.

And our SDK will save you loads of time developing one, too. You can use your own browser and create it using languages you already know—like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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Manage & Edit your Joomla! website on-the-go with jomMobile

In today’s fast-paced world, wouldn’t be great if you could manage your Joomla 1.7 website on-the-go using your Android phone, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad?

What if you could add new articles, add new categories, view new users, and edit your Joomla menu items quickly and easily from anywhere, at anytime?

Well, now you can with ‘corePHP’s‘ brand new, FREE mobile app called jomMobile

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