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Achieving an Almost “Perfect” On-Page Optimization – Part VI

Now, in this part of the series (the second part of on-page optimization guide) it’s time for us to focus on the most important part of on-page optimization, i.e. Content and Image Optimization which constitutes the major portion of the on-page optimization. There is nothing that can replace a well-researched, resourceful, in-depth and unique content which appears nowhere other than your site and adds a unique value only to your readers.

Your content is the only reason because of which your visitors land on your site and it’s your responsibility to provide with what they are looking for. Continue reading

Achieving an Almost “Perfect” On-Page Optimization – Part V

In the fifth part of the series, it’s time for us to learn about On-page optimization in a greater depth. Previously, we had touched a bit on the topic of On-page optimization while discussing the terms and the underlying concepts related to it but that was just the “tip of the iceberg” as there is a huge scope of discussing possible in n-page optimization.

It is really very difficult to cover on-page optimization in just a single article, as there are lots and lots of techniques and concepts to be discussed in this topic. So, this and the next article to come up will discuss almost everything you need to know about On-page optimization. Continue reading