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Almost Everything about Operators in PHP – Part VI


In the previous part of the course, we have learned about error reporting and various decision making statements available in PHP. But that is obviously not enough for us to create useful and dynamic applications as we need to learn about various operators available in PHP and how to make proper use of them to bring various actions into play.

You should be a bit familiar with the word “operator” as I have already used it while discussing about concatenation.

In this part of the course, we will learn almost everything we can do with operators in PHP. But before moving on to the various types of operators, let us learn what “operators” actually mean. Operators are language constructs (composed of special characters or combination of characters) which behaves typically like functions but differ syntactically and semantically from ordinary functions.

They can be used to perform various nifty “operations” quickly and easily, and that’s why they are known as “Operators”. Continue reading