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Writing a plugin for ‘paGO Orders’

paGO Checkout triggers utilizing the Joomla! Plugin API

Learn how to build a custom paGO Checkout plugin utilizing triggers.

Simply put, this plugin allows you to customize trigger actions within the paGO Checkout. Using this simple plugin, you can control almost any aspect of the data collected during the checkout process, as well as manipulate things such as customer status and more.

If you’re a developer, you’ll understand the code and instructions below pretty easily.

If you’re a paGO shop owner, or you’re looking at paGO for your next ECommerce shop, consult your developer or contact us to see how this plugin can be customized for your needs. Continue reading

Begin Your Flight with paGO Commerce 2.1 Today

joomla e-commerce pago commerce

Still haven’t made the leap to join paGO Commerce? What’s the holdup? Well, now is a perfect time to go knee deep as we are excited to announce the immediate availability of Joomla’s powerful e-commerce solution paGO Commerce 2.1. The great e-commerce platform has now become AMAZING. Learn more below about some of the great new features, or take a leap of faith and begin downloading and using paGO Commerce 2.1 now!

Free Download    Demo

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Migrate from Amazon Webstore to paGO Commerce Today

Future paGO Commerce User
Are you one of the thousands of Amazon Webstore users who will be stranded when they have their service discontinued on July 1st, 2016? Don’t let your e-commerce store be left in the cold and stay away from the unnecessary costs associated with a paid service, such as Shopify and BigCommerce, just to name a few.

Join the over 1,200+ users and download paGO Commerce to avoid seeing your profits stripped from your business today. What is paGO Commerce you ask? paGO is the leading e-commerce platform for Joomla! and is completely free to utilize. This means you can avoid paying upwards of $948 a year for an e-commerce service provider. Plus, you own 100% of your content, so you can do as you please with your information. Continue reading