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Writing a plugin for ‘paGO Orders’

paGO Checkout triggers utilizing the Joomla! Plugin API

Learn how to build a custom paGO Checkout plugin utilizing triggers.

Simply put, this plugin allows you to customize trigger actions within the paGO Checkout. Using this simple plugin, you can control almost any aspect of the data collected during the checkout process, as well as manipulate things such as customer status and more.

If you’re a developer, you’ll understand the code and instructions below pretty easily.

If you’re a paGO shop owner, or you’re looking at paGO for your next ECommerce shop, consult your developer or contact us to see how this plugin can be customized for your needs. Continue reading

Manage Your E-Commerce Site the Easy Way

Easy Button - paGO Commerce

paGO Commerce makes managing your e-commerce site easy.

Ever had the thought of putting your head through the wall, frustrated with how complex the software developers made it to configure your e-commerce site? Why do they make it so complex, when it should be so freaking simple!!!

When we created paGO Commerce, we listened to the pain points people would share with us about other e-commerce carts. We learned from their stories of frustration, using e-commerce carts that were tedious to use and time consuming to operate. What’s the point of sales automation if it’s a pain in the neck to operate?

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Professional Grade eCommerce For Joomla

Professional grade eCommerce for Joomla is here.

Joomla store owners finally have a professional grade eCommerce solution.

Professional Grade eCommerce for Joomla is here with paGO Commerce

In this post, I’ll focus on eCommerce extensions for Joomla, Drupal and WordPress. eCommerce is likely the most complex extended application any third part developer could endeavor. Since shortly after the founding of each the “big three CMSs”, the DIY / mass market has been well served with VirtueMart, Übercart and Woocommerce respectively, but the professional grade enterprise market has been vasty underserved, particularly in the Joomla and WordPress arenas. The verdict’s still out for WordPress, but good things are now happening for Joomla, with the recent launch of paGO Commerce.

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