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35+ Free & Premium Photoshop Brush Sets Every Designer Should Have


Photoshop brushes are a fantastic way to create rich artworks in very less amount of time. Though Adobe Photoshop comes with a pre-installed set of brushes, but the main problem with them is that these brushes hardly get updated ever and they exploit only a bit of the limitless possibilities of the brushes.

But fortunately we have a huge community of designers who create and share amazing brushes and now we have them for almost everything we can think of – like putting a scratch on a wood texture or a burn on a paper. A quick Google search can help you find the brushes that you desire of, but not always.

There is a huge spectrum of brushes available and it is sometimes really painful to find high-quality brushes, so in this article we have decided to put forward some of the best and most high-quality collection of free and premium Photoshop brush sets each and every designer must have in his/her toolkit. Continue reading