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Why PHP 7 Is Ideal For Web Development

php 7 developmentPHP web development is one among several web development methods that will never fade away. With every passing year, it has become the most trusted platform for developers and companies for website development. The reason for such tremendous popularity of PHP is the outcome of the continuous research and development. There is no doubt that in coming times, PHP will reach to the newer heights as the demands for the PHP powered websites are being expected to explode.

Presently, PHP 7 is being used for empowering websites across the world. Every version release brings some improvement along with the opportunity to make the language even more improved that has some drawbacks. With the passage of time, PHP has been enhanced to support multiple platforms so that it could be run smoothly on any platform with assured reliability. Thus, no wonder that the popular websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, Tumblr, Flickr, and many such others have been developed in PHP. Continue reading

The Best PHP IDEs that Every Web Developer Must Know

IDE is nothing but a software which provides comprehensive tools and features to ease the work of the developer. IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment which offers an advanced source code editor, debugging tools and other automation features to make coding a breeze for developers.

The source code editor generally provides us with some features like syntax highlighting, line numbering, bracket highlighting, etc. The automation tools helps the programmer in writing codes much faster with various autocomplete and prediction features. The debugging tools can help you a lot by highlighting the errors as you write the codes.


So, if you want get more productive and write better codes with a very fewer mistakes, then you need to get your hands on a good and capable PHP IDE to help you throughout the entire process of PHP development. In this article, we have put forward almost all capable PHP IDE’s currently available that you can make use of. Continue reading