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8 Best PHP Rating Scripts for Developers

Top 8 php Rating Scripts For Developers

Do you know how Rating Scripts helps developers?

It basically allows website owners to understand their audience of their sites and the feedback to enhance their business.

Rating is the best way to build a long-term relationship with potential customers and improve revenue for your business. In this article, I have collected some of the PHP scripts that will aid your development jobs and make your work smooth enough.

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5 WordPress Marketing Resources/Plugins You Need to See



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Making the most of your existing website content and getting it in front of the eyes that you need to see it has always been the job of a marketer. With the explosion of websites built on the WordPress platform, marketing has never been simpler with the use of plugins. Whether you work for a small company or need to market your own work, consider installing and testing these plugins.

1. Live Chat Plugin ($15)

What if you could talk directly to customers when they were unsure if they wanted to purchase your product or service? With a live chat plugin, you can. This plugin can take your conversion rate to the next level and many experienced marketers know this. Similar chat tools started popping up years ago but they required complicated custom code and a large investment. For just $15, you can download and install the Live Chat Plugin on your website. You can set it up so anyone on your team can chat with customers and answer their questions.

2. Amazon Auto Links (Free)

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or you just sell your own products on Amazon, you can’t afford to not have a link localizer. This plugin detects what country your visitor is from and only shows Amazon links in that country’s store. The alternative to a plugin like this is to include four or five different links to all the biggest countries (United States, UK, Canada, Germany), which isn’t user friendly and still means you miss out on some sales. With this plugin, visitors always get the right links and they will see your products when they want to, instead of being directed to a store they can’t buy from.

3. Shareaholics (Free)

Getting your users to share your content has always been a chore. The Shareaholics plugin makes it a lot easier, though. This plugin is essentially three plugins in one that all work together to help you maximize the amount of social shares your content attracts. There are custom options included to improve both desktop and mobile sharing. Users using their Samsung tablet on Wi-Fi to those on an HTC-One on T-Mobile networks will  be able to easily share your content.

It starts with attractive sharing buttons that are fully customizable. You choose which ones you want displayed, where they show up, and if they should float along on the screen or not. Also included is a great related content module that is specifically designed to keep your visitors reading content on your site. This presents another opportunity for visitors to share content. Finally, there are detailed analytics so you can learn what content is shared on what platform and make tweaks to optimize your sharing rate.

4. WordPress SEO by Yoast (Free)

Search engine traffic is some of the most valuable traffic you can get to your website, not to mention free. In order to rank your website’s content better on the big search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, it’s important to include keywords in your content and optimize your pages in other ways. WordPress SEO has an in-depth page evaluator to help you improve your content’s search engine visibility. You can easily edit meta tags as well as specify which parts of your site should or shouldn’t be indexed. There is also an optionable sitemap component that you can use to help improve “crawlability.”

5. Thank Me Later (Free)

This is a simple plugin that can pay big dividends. When someone shows an interest in your content and leaves a comment, Thank Me Later will automatically email them a few days later with a thank you message. Most commenters leave their message and forget to return to see responses, but not with this plugin. It’s a great way to build brand loyalty and get return visitors.

There are millions of WordPress plugins designed to help your website. Spend some time trying these five plugins and test how much they can improve your marketing efforts.

The Most Comprehensive Collection of the Best WordPress Plugins – Part IV


In this part of the series, we continue with the discussion we had started in the previous part, on the various essential security and anti-spam plugins to protect your WordPress site from unwanted hacking and spamming attacks.

Security & Anti-Spam Plugins (Continued…)

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The Most Comprehensive Collection of the Best WordPress Plugins – Part III


In this part of the series, we will discuss on a very important aspect – security and anti-spam on WordPress. With the increasing popularity of WordPress sites, the hacking and spamming attacks are also increasing. Tough the core of WordPress is quite secured, still it is not a wise decision to leave the security of your site in the hands of fate.

In this part of the series, we will start discussion on the most essential security and anti-spam plugins to keep your blog safe from the hackers, spammer and bad bots and give more time and focus on improving the quality of your blog.

Security & Anti-Spam Plugins

These are the most essential security and anti-spam plugins which can protect almost every corner of your blog from the ever increasing hacking and spamming attempts. Continue reading

The Most Comprehensive Collection of the Best WordPress Plugins – Part II


In the second part of the series, we will dive straight into the variety of SEO plugins that WordPress have to offer. Now-a-days, blogging is not just about writing content as you also need to understand the vast opportunity of the search engine market and grab the target audience.

There are a wide variety of plugins which can help you to make your WordPress site more and more search-engine friendly and improve the overall SEO of your site. So, in this part of the series we will focus on all the essential SEO plugins that you may need for your WordPress site.

SEO Plugins

These plugins can help you a lot in boosting the search engine rankings by improving the on-site SEO of your WordPress blog. You can make your website more search-engine friendly and can track your ranking progress too. Continue reading

The Most Comprehensive Collection of the Best WordPress Plugins – Part I


If you have a WordPress blog, you probably have come across various WordPress plugins that can enhance your blog in almost all aspects. Now-a-days, blogging is not just about writing content, and attracting visitors. There is lot more to it. Every blogger should think about their visitors first and everything else should follow automatically.

In WordPress, we have plugins for almost everything. There are plugins that can help you speed up your WordPress site by caching, image optimization and various other techniques. There are lots of SEO plugins which can walk right beside you and can help you to get better rankings in the search engines.

With the increasing popularity of your site, you can also become a victim of spamming and hacking attempts, so there are various anti-spam and security plugins to deal with spammers and secure your WordPress blog too. Not only these, there is a variety of social sharing and bookmarking plugins that can help you share your content over the web and attract more visitors.

The list can never end as there are plugins to control almost each and every aspect in your WordPress blog. Continue reading

8 WordPress Plugins You Can Use To Increase Community Engagement And Numbers

Community Engagement

Community engagement is really important for any website, not just for those that run on WordPress. We need to increase the number of people that comment and keep them interested in the content that we offer.

The good news is that WordPress has many different plugins that can be used for this very purpose. The bad news is that people do not pay close attention to this factor. It is important to think about improving a website so that visitors can be more engaged and that will eventually make them comment more, even share your content more. Let’s take a look at some plugins that can help your entire community. Continue reading

20 Useful jQuery Plugins for your Projects

jQuery has been easing our job of applying complex and beautiful effects and features to our websites for years. However, before you dive into a sea of coding, let me introduce you to some awesome jQuery plugins that will add some cool effects to your websites without having to code thousands of lines of codes.

However, if you are a newbie and want to apply these effects on your WordPress or Joomla powered websites, then I would recommend that you get it done by ‘corePHP‘s spectacular WordPress Development and Joomla Development team.

Adaptive Backgrounds

Adaptive Backgrounds

This plugin colours the background of a section of your website automatically with the dominant colour in a picture that you choose.

Download Adaptive Backgrounds

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15 plugins to take your wordpress blog to the next level

WordPress most popular plugins

WordPress powers about 26% of the Internet. Now that is whooping figure if we compare the number of websites online. With so many blog’s out there , you need some thing that makes you stand out of the crowd . You’ve got to think out of the BOX. Only awesome content won’t do. It actually won’t do at all. You need some thing more. Ah, yes, you got me right. You need awesome theme and awesomer plugins to support your WordPress site. With so many WordPress plugins out there, it is hard to choose the right one. There are tens of hundreds of plugins for the same functionality. What the heck is the problem, then? Not all of these plugins are properly coded. 60% of the plugins in the WordPress repository are so poorly coded that either your site will crash or the site loading speed will be terrible. So here I am with a solution for you. A list of 15 plugins that need to be used to take your blog to the next level Continue reading

6 cool WordPress plugins to make your images and videos MORE attractive

6 Cool wordpress plugins to help your weordpress site

Is your site one of those boring blogs with no images , no multimedia and no proper styling ? Do you want to take your blog’s look to the next level ? Damn it , is that even a question ? Who does not want to improve their blog’s looks . Keep Reading and you’ll be surprised . What if you I told you that the plugins , I am going to mention are fast loading . You feel happy , right ? Now what if I told you that the plugins are responsive too . Are you dancing ? Chill , sit down . And start enjoying the list . Continue reading

6 rock solid WordPress plugins for making custom contact forms

Contact us Form example

So you need a custom contact form for you Contact US page? Thinking of hiring a designer? Or paying some one else to do it. Or the worst of all are you using third party contact form providers . What if I’ll tell you that I will give you 7 rock solid plugins for making your own custom contact form . Here are the top 7 plugins that can help you to make your custom contact form. They are really great and you’re going to love them. Continue reading to check them. Continue reading