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Upcoming Joomla! mobile app

Update: jomMobile has now been released and you can find more information at

Code name Vimba is an upcoming free app for the iPhone and Android. We recently got the pleasure of testing the app as well as partnering with the developer of the application. Just think now you have the ability to manage your site on the go with a sexy and slick interface. No need to worry about rushing back to the office to make an update. Now you can with the convenience of your phone.

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WordPress for Joomla! 3.2.1 now available

This release has been a long time coming and we are excited it is here. You will now have access to more plugins, and we have also fixed many bugs.


  • You now have the ability to create multiple menu links to different blogs
  • Added link back to Joomla for Admins in the dashboard
  • Avatars from JomSocial or CB now override all gravatars
  • New dashboard design
  • Faster and lighter!
  • A new distraction-free zen writing mode where controls disappear and only content is visible. You can even write in full-screen mode!

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Our new plugin makes CSS3 in IE (and any other browser) easy!

What is this?

Anyone who has tried to add CSS3 to their site knows how difficult and time consuming it is to figure out the correct code for the correct browsers. Also, how do I make it work with IE? Wonder no more! With the Automated CSS3 Generator Plugin all you need to do is enter the values for the CSS3 you need and it does the rest. It also only outputs the CSS for the browser you are using so you won’t need 4 lines of CSS to do a simple rounded corner anymore. Continue reading

jomCDN 1.1.0 Released!

It’s been almost 2 months since our first release of jomCDN, and we have received great feedback from the community. I am proud to say that no bugs have been found since the release! We have received a lot of requests to support more file types to send to the CDN. With our new release, the plugin will automatically send the following file extensions to the CDN:

Documents: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .log, .rtf, .txt, .wks, .xls, .xlsx.
Data: .csv, .dat, .key, .pps, .ppt, .pptx, .xml.
Music:  .aif, .aac, .iff, .mid, .m3u, .midi, .mpa, .mp3, .ra, .wav, .wma.
Video:  .3g2, .3gp, .asf, .asx, .avi, .flv, .mov, .mp4, .mpg, .rm, .swf, .wmv.
Compressed: .7z, .deb, .gz, .pkg, .rar, .sit, .sitx, .tar.gz, .zip, .zipx.

In addition to all of these new extensions, we have added a field so that you can add any extensions that we did not add by default. This way you have complete control!

So… what’s next? We plan to add support for other CDN service providers, and we also have a few additional features on the way!

Hope you enjoy this update!

If you use jomCDN, please post a rating and a review at the Joomla! Extensions Directory.

jomCDN version 1.0.1 release – conflict issue fixed

This is a release to fix one issue that some users have been experiencing – a conflict between jomCDN and JomSocial. They both had the same class name for Amazon S3, therefore causing a fatal error. This is fixed now, and you can download the new plugin. To upgrade simply install the new version over the previous one, and your configuration will not be deleted.

We appreciate all the great support we have received for this extension. We are excited to continue improving it by adding multiple domain support, more CDN services, and support for more file types.

Thank you all!

Shocks, Scares & Sales! Vote for your favorite monster

We need your help! Our staff has turned into ghastly creatures for Halloween and are giving people incredible deals on all of our products! From October 28th to November 3rd, 2010 we are offering a 15% discount on everything in our store! Just enter the code Halloween2010 at your checkout to receive bloody great savings.

Vote on our scary staff

Thanks to a cool new iPhone app named iMut8r we have all been transformed into frightening beings. We need your help figuring out who is the most eerie, hair-raising, horrifying employee in ‘corePHP’. Scroll through each of them if you dare and cast your vote. Meanwhile, I’ll be hiding and waiting for them to transform back into their ‘normal’ selves again.


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WordPress for Joomla! version

WordPress for Joomla! 3.0 has been out for a little over a month, and it has been great! We are extremely close to hitting our 300th subscriber! We’ve come across a few issues that we did not envision, and the fixes are listed below. The biggest problem has been using WordPress for Joomla! when the URL suffix is set. There were also some template issues that are now fixed.

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jomSocial and Search plugins now available for WordPress for Joomla!

We have been working hard behind the scenes to wrap up a few gems for WordPress 3.0. I am proud to announce the official stable release of following plugins:

  • jomSocial Plugin: This plugin pulls all the most recent posts from a user into the profile. New additions such as improved editing, social sharing, and improved styling are now part of this package.
  • jomSocial Toolbar: Additional toolbar item will be displayed right within the jomSocial toolbar allowing you to easily access your blog, edit your blog, and more!
  • Joomla! Search Plugin: Now, you can search through the multi-site blog posts just as easily as single blogs! Building this plugin to allow for multi-site searches was a challenge, and we’re sure you’ll like the results.
  • Complete integration with jomSocial. The blog post will appear in the jomSocial news feed. Every time you post a blog, you can configure the amount of points that user will get with the jomSocial points system

As you can see, these tiny tools will do wonders for your site. Enjoy!

Get WordPress 3.0 for Joomla!, and your chance to win an Apple TV®!

WordPress and WordPress MU for Joomla! have merged! We are proud to announce the launch of our latest product, WordPress for Joomla! (version 3.0). Now available for $69.99. New product, new price…and what’s more, the 300th subscriber will win their very own Apple TV® (an extra $99 value)! PLUS, 5 of the first 500 people to subscribe will randomly get their copy for FREE!
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Call for beta testers!

As you can probably tell by our recent posts, we have released a few new products…and we also have other products coming as soon as we get our coffee machine fixed. 🙂

We need some happy and trustworthy mutants to help us test product updates and upcoming products. If you are interested in helping, email our CEO Steven Pignataro….I’m kidding! He will be mad if he gets all that mail. Just post a comment to this post and make sure that you enter a valid email address.

Just one thing – Please don’t volunteer unless you have the time to download and test Joomla! products on a regular basis.

As a compensation for testing our products, you will receive a hefty discount if you decide to purchase any of them.

Thank you!

WordPress MU for Joomla! 2.9.2

WordPress for Joomla! and WordPress MU for Joomla! are two of our most popular flagship products. About two months ago we released a major update to our WordPress for Joomla! component with major feature enhancements and bug fixes. Today we are announcing a similar update for our WordPress MU Joomla! component. This update is packed with new features, bug fixes, and major performance improvements.

To upgrade the component, simply uninstall the component and install the new version. Be sure to read the ‘Before you upgrade” section below to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

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