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How to Use The Bootstrap 4 Grid System For Creating A Responsive Website?

Responsive Web Design MichiganConsistency in website design makes it easy for users to read, understand and navigate throughout the site easily. With the help of grid system, you can achieve the level of consistency that otherwise would have been difficult to represent in your website design.

The concept of grid system is not new and have been used in print publications for quite a long time. But, grid systems are being used as standard in web design today, since they help in making the website content manageable and much more readable.

A grid system, basically, comprises of a structure of horizontal and vertical lines that are used for organizing the content. Most importantly, it helps in creating a fine balance between the elements in a website design. Continue reading

Six Collaboration Tools For Web Designers

Collaboration tools for web designers

In today’s distributed workforce environment, web designers need great collaboration tools. Here are six…

Being a web designer has its perks: the ability to work remotely, set your own hours, and to design for a variety of clients on a multitude of projects. It’s rarely boring, but sometimes, it can get lonely—especially if you don’t go into an office regularly (or at all). Aside from feeling isolated, it’s harder to collaborate on projects if you’re not face to face with your peers working on the same task or with the clients for whom you’re doing the work. Continue reading

15+ Excellent Responsive Joomla Themes (Free & Premium)

In this article, we are focusing on some of the best Responsive Joomla Themes for you. These responsive themes, will make your website adapt to any screen size – be it a small mobile screen or a tablet screen or a large monitor screen, with ease.

So if you have a Joomla powered website, then we have got something great to present you with. This article showcases the most “hand-picked” responsive Joomla themes for you to choose from. We wanted to keep this list clean by choosing only the best ones available, and not dumping all other low-quality ones (which you will also never need). Obviously, the availability of “responsive” Joomla themes are not as vast as WordPress themes, but we have tried our best in collecting the ones which will attract your eyes.

So, keeping this list clean and tight and covering as many different varieties as possible, we have tried to present to you with the most excellent free and premium responsive Joomla themes to work with.

Free & Premium Responsive Joomla Themes

Nexxy (Premium)

Demo | Download

Nexxy is one of the best multi-purpose themes available for Joomla, with which you can build a wide variety of sites, like movies, games, photography and much more with ease. This theme is built with the latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and is fully responsive in nature. It also offers a wide range of customizations to play with.


Continue reading

50 Hand-Picked Free and Premium Responsive WordPress Themes

Responsive web design is an approach in which a website layout is fluid or flexible enough to adapt to the visitor’s screen size and resolution – whether it is a 320px mobile screen or a tablet or a large screen monitor, it doesn’t matter at all. With responsive web design techniques, the designer doesn’t need to build multiple versions of a single website for numerous devices. A single responsive design does it all.

With predictions that the mobile usage will take over the desktop usage by 2014 the responsive web design is becoming more and more popular in the web design world. But not every site owner or every blogger have knowledge in designing their own responsive websites. If you have a good budget in mind and prefer to get the end result quickly rather than getting a designer to design from scratch, then the Premium WordPress Responsive Themes are for you. And if you don’t have a budget to start with, then there are the free themes for you.

So, in this article we have tried to compile an ultimate list of 50 “hand-picked” free and premium responsive WordPress themes for you. Continue reading