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Check out the improved retargeting software, Retargeting.Biz!

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If you’re a player in the e-commerce game, you need to continuously update to the latest trends of technology to stay ahead of the competition. The team at Retargeting.Biz, one of the best retargeting software in the world, knows this very well and recently released an improved version of this incredible effective and low costs marketing automation tool.

Retargeting is the perfect solution to grow revenues through automated and personalized communication with their current and future customers. The Retargeting.Biz platform brings new and enhanced features that help online stores to increase brand awareness, ROI and conversion rate. We have a whole new architecture and database and these translate into a bigger processing capacity and a faster processing speed. Our retargeting software is now prepared even for big e-commerce events, such as Black Friday. Continue reading

Why Retargeting is so Great for E-Commerce

marketing automation michiganYou know the classic story that only 2% of shoppers convert on their first visit to an online store because the others aren’t prepared for purchasing for various reasons. They just land on your website, hopefully browse for a while, click on some products and then disappear into the unknown (that is, again hopefully, not a competitor’s website). Do you want to get them back and talk them into buying something for you? Of course you do!

Retargeting can transform any lost opportunity into a conversion. It’s a marketing automation software that helps your products & services stay in front of visitors that left without taking any action. You just have to place a pixel on your website which tags every user. Acter studying their browsing behavior and segmenting your audience, then you can send personalized messages to every visitor, with a one-time special offer, that convinces them to return and purchase those items. Continue reading