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Ultimate Guide to Write a Perfectly Optimized Robots.txt file for WordPress

Many webmasters and bloggers still don’t know much about Robots.txt and the vast importance it holds for any website.

Obviously, there are many resources available over the internet about Robots.txt, but most of them are offering you ready-made templates of Robots.txt which you can just copy and paste for your own site. Easy stuff, isn’t it? But it may not work the way you want it to, as it has not been built focussing particularly your site on mind.

Each and every site in the Web is different and so a ready-made Robots.txt can never be a perfect solution. You need to design a custom Robots.txt file focussing on the SEO, Security and Server environment of your site.

So, in this article I will try to guide you to learn and understand how the Robots.txt file actually works and how you can create your own perfectly optimized Robots.txt. Continue reading