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The Basic Meaning Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing defined

Cloud computing seems to be one of the latest fads of the tech world today. “Cloud” is certainly a known cliché standing as the metaphor for internet but the thing gets tad complex while attached to computing. Some of the vendors & analysts tend to explain the cloud computing as some updated version for utility computing: virtual servers viable over internet. Some others point to anything consumed outside firewall as “in cloud” which includes conventional outsourcing as well. Continue reading

How Will the Cloud Evolve in 2014?

Image via Flickr by George Thomas

As we push further into the 21st century, the internet has continued to adapt to fulfill the needs of its demanding user base. Web 2.0 brought forth many changes to the medium such as social media, crowdsourcing and richer user experiences that many of us take for granted. As the infrastructure grew, so did the need for a more flexible data environment.

Enter the cloud. At this point, the general public has been thoroughly educated on its uses and benefits thanks to its seamless integration with mobile devices and digital platforms. However, while consumers are enjoying cloud-enabled apps like Spotify and Google Apps, it’s the businesses that have truly been reaping the benefits. According to IBM, companies that adopt competitive cloud technologies are doubling in revenue growth when compared to others that are behind the curve. Now passed its infancy stage; the future is bright for the cloud. Here’s what we can expect from cloud technology in 2014 and beyond. Continue reading