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4 Companies That Have Boosted Sales With Better Web Performance

Clock showing faster website loadAccording to eMarketer, worldwide retail e-commerce sales are predicted to reach $3.578 trillion by 2019. Despite this impressive number, e-commerce sales will still only account for 12.8 percent of total retail purchases. The question of whether or not big corporations and small business should sell online isn’t a question. You should. However, your website’s performance can directly affect your sales and growth. Continue reading

4 Things to Consider When Setting Up a B2C Landing Page

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Going fishing? You are if you’re setting up a B2C landing page. The goal of a B2C is to create instant conversions that make sales. How do you get consumers to land on your page, click your links, and fall in love with your product? Learn about these four B2C design concepts before publishing your page. Continue reading

Start Selling With paGO Commerce Before Heading Back to Work

With the major holiday season upon us, how are you intending to pay for those gifts this year? After all, this time of year seems to always come upon us before we know it and catch us by surprise. Why not set up a paGO Commerce website today to help offset your income. Set up is so simple, it can be completed and functioning in a matter of days, or while you are off from work.

Are you a stay-at-home parent who enjoys selling their arts and crafts and would like to break into the online market? With paGO Commerce’s easy setup, you can be offering your products online to a larger market in no time. Visualize the potential with your untapped market. For as little as $5 per month, the hosting cost associated with a CloudAccess.net account, you can be selling your homemade baby sweaters to a broader audience with a live website.

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Marketing Techniques that Will Increase Sales


As a business owner, it is important that you can analyze the effectiveness of your marketing. There are a number of tools and software that will assist with data analysis and help you assess and adjust your marketing techniques. You should know who is visiting your site, what successful inbound marketing entails, how you can provide consistent content, and how you can calculate your lead and sales conversion rate. Here are tips for you to run a more efficient and profitable business through marketing tactical analysis:

Who Is Visiting Your Site?

Monitor your site’s visitors through Google Analytics, which will help you make informed decisions based on customer insights. National Geographic endorses Google Analytics and states that it helped them improve engagement by 33 percent and click-throughs by 21 percent for content promotions on the company’s homepage. Eric Jillard, the general manager of marketing services of Mercedes-Benz, states that Google Analytics helped the car company identify that more than 75 percent of CLA250 customers are new to Mercedes-Benz. The data they acquired from the analytics program helped them understand who their buyer is and the buyer’s behavioral tendencies. Google Analytics Premium will provide you with more than data—it also gives you actionable insight that will guide your marketing initiatives. It has a Data-Driven Attribution tool that will rank the value and effectiveness of your campaigns and digital channels, so you can adequately adjust your marketing methods. Continue reading

How to Sell within paGO Commerce

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Are you using paGO Commerce right now or are you looking? Either direction, this is a must to know. paGO Commerce is a powerful platform for e-commerce but built within it is powerful tools for marketing and sales. Now marketing and sales are just general terms so let’s dig deeper to see what we should be looking at to make MONEY!!!

paGO has two areas of ways to increase more sales. Coupons and Discounts. Each area within paGO provides powerful tools to help increase your conversion and ability to make more sales. We will touch on each one.


paGO Commerce Coupon

Super flexible and lots of great options available here. Having a robust system gives you the ability to run many targeted campaign. Just the ability to run campaigns that are target means you have a better conversion rate. You don’t want to be targeting the wrong audience then you loose them for the right product. ‘corePHP’ provides services where we can help you understand your audience better and provide you the best direction how to set up targeted campaigns. Contact us today if you need assistance.

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New Year. New Goals. New Technology.

Try something bold and new in 2015

It’s January, the perfect month for you to make bold new moves to grow your audience, close more sales and stay ahead. And ‘corePHP’ is here to take the plunge with you!

Technology continues to play a pivotal role in helping businesses quickly and affordably adapt to their market and set new goals for growth and change. Today more than ever, the content, marketing and sales technology you choose will determine your future success in customer engagement, lead generation and bottom line sales.  That’s why you need a top notch technology partner to help you reach your goals. Continue reading