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The War that Never Ends: Web Design Agencies vs. SEO Agencies and Trends in 2016

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Web design firms are great at building beautiful websites, but just how good are they at SEO? And how high do SEO agencies rank considering design concepts? A Moz.com study found that, many leading SEO agencies had high rankings with poor web design, while web design agencies had award-winning websites but were failing at their SEO.

Creating a great website in terms of web design while keeping the SEO principles is not as easy as it sounds, but it is becoming increasingly necessary in today’s environment. This is especially true if you’re looking to employ cutting-edge design concepts like parallax scrolling to improve responsiveness – a concept we know to be difficult considering SEO. Below is an in-depth look into the study and some of its findings: Continue reading

Start Search Engine Optimization with ‘corePHP’

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Getting Started with Search Engine Optimization

Do you have a new business and are struggling to make it online? Although it may have been possible to set up a simple website a few years ago and be a success, it is becoming more and more difficult in today’s internet world. After all, businesses are becoming cunning when it comes to optimization and if you really want results, you need to be able to compete. This can be especially difficult for a new business entering the internet without the right company supporting them!

It is important to recognize that, although you may be starting late as far as the Internet is concerned, you certainly are not without options. As a matter of fact, you might be surprised to learn that much of the competition that is outranking you at this time is not utilizing the search engines to their fullest potential. When you use our services, we can help propel your website forward and make your business even better. How do we do this? By using the proper optimization techniques and ensuring that your website gets to the top of the search engine results quickly and effectively. Continue reading

Achieving an Almost “Perfect” On-Page Optimization – Part VI

Now, in this part of the series (the second part of on-page optimization guide) it’s time for us to focus on the most important part of on-page optimization, i.e. Content and Image Optimization which constitutes the major portion of the on-page optimization. There is nothing that can replace a well-researched, resourceful, in-depth and unique content which appears nowhere other than your site and adds a unique value only to your readers.

Your content is the only reason because of which your visitors land on your site and it’s your responsibility to provide with what they are looking for. Continue reading

Achieving an Almost “Perfect” On-Page Optimization – Part V

In the fifth part of the series, it’s time for us to learn about On-page optimization in a greater depth. Previously, we had touched a bit on the topic of On-page optimization while discussing the terms and the underlying concepts related to it but that was just the “tip of the iceberg” as there is a huge scope of discussing possible in n-page optimization.

It is really very difficult to cover on-page optimization in just a single article, as there are lots and lots of techniques and concepts to be discussed in this topic. So, this and the next article to come up will discuss almost everything you need to know about On-page optimization. Continue reading

Time to Get Friendly with the SEO Terminology – Part III

Before we proceed any further into learning SEO, we need to get accustomed with some of the most essential and fundamental SEO terms and definitions. Without knowing these terms and their concepts, it would be nearly impossible for us to move ahead.

There are lots of terms related to SEO and it can take several articles to discuss all of them in detail, so we would concentrate on understanding the most essential ones. Instead of just defining what each of them mean, I would try to make you understand the underlying concepts behind each of the terms. You have lots of new and interesting things to learn in this and the very next article.

I recommend you to bookmark or archive this article because there are lots and lots of new terms mentioned all over the article and you may (or will) need to read this article several times to grasp all of them and their concepts perfectly. Continue reading

Understanding the Need to Practice SEO – Part II

If you have read the previous article of this series, then it should be clear to you how the search engines actually work. It should also create your interest in knowing more about the search engines and optimizing your site better for them. But before that, you must make it clear to yourself – why do you need to practice SEO?

Without a proper understanding of the reasons of practicing SEO, you may get your interest lost in the long run. You should be clear to yourself, what you are doing and why you are doing that.

While talking about SEO with the owner of a reputed design based web blog, he exclaims –

“Just focus on the content of your website, and you will never ever need SEO at all. SEO is for all those, who spend less time on improving their site and more on finding various techniques in ranking higher in the SERPs”.

A friend of mine, who is new enough to the world of SEO, tells me –

“Search engines should be intelligent and sophisticated enough to understand websites and retrieve information from them and rank them in a suitable way without any human intervention. It is simply pointless to follow a set of rules to make your website rank better in the search engine results”.

I have to politely disagree with both of the above mentioned statements. To some extent, they are correct in what they are trying to mean, but I am not sure whether they understand search technology the way it’s meant to be. Continue reading

What is SEO and How it Works? – Part I

Welcome to the first part of the “The Complete Guide on SEO” series. This would be a long series of around 10 articles covering almost everything you need to know about beginner, intermediate and even a bit of advanced level SEO too.

I will cover the basics first and then move on towards the intermediate and advanced level SEO stuffs. It would be a very enjoying and interactive SEO learning course for all readers with 1 or 2 episodes Continue reading