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Understanding the Need to Practice SEO – Part II

If you have read the previous article of this series, then it should be clear to you how the search engines actually work. It should also create your interest in knowing more about the search engines and optimizing your site better for them. But before that, you must make it clear to yourself – why do you need to practice SEO?

Without a proper understanding of the reasons of practicing SEO, you may get your interest lost in the long run. You should be clear to yourself, what you are doing and why you are doing that.

While talking about SEO with the owner of a reputed design based web blog, he exclaims –

“Just focus on the content of your website, and you will never ever need SEO at all. SEO is for all those, who spend less time on improving their site and more on finding various techniques in ranking higher in the SERPs”.

A friend of mine, who is new enough to the world of SEO, tells me –

“Search engines should be intelligent and sophisticated enough to understand websites and retrieve information from them and rank them in a suitable way without any human intervention. It is simply pointless to follow a set of rules to make your website rank better in the search engine results”.

I have to politely disagree with both of the above mentioned statements. To some extent, they are correct in what they are trying to mean, but I am not sure whether they understand search technology the way it’s meant to be. Continue reading