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SEO Tips For Finance Sites – What Should You Consider?

Finance sites

The truth is that SEO for finance sites is more difficult than with regular websites. This is mainly because Google pays close attention to such websites.

There are many that are of a really low quality and that appear simply because there are huge commissions that can be earned by internet marketers when they refer clients. This is something that you have to remember since it is really important that your site is created in a way that focuses on high quality content.
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SEO 101-Beginner’s Guide On Creating SEO Content

You must have heard “SEO Content” quite often in regards to search marketing discussions but what exactly does the phrase refer to? Well, here is a SEO 101 overview highlighting on beginner’s guide on creating SEO contents.

The guide is segregated into-

What does it meant by SEO content?

Different forms of SEO based Content

My potential SEO content tactic or strategy

SEO Content- definition

SEO Content is derived from two terms

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization where a website is optimized to ensure higher ranks in search engines.
  • Content refers to information which lives on web world & could be consumed online.

In simple words, SEO Content can be defined as the content drafted with the mission of pulling in search engine/online traffic.

Here are the most crucial aspects that would help to SEO the web contents-

  • Keyword research- Keyword research is the primary task before you develop the contents for high traffic generation. The keyword research procedure will help you to find out the keywords most searched by your online audience while looking for your services or products.
  • Keyword optimization-You have to know how & where to place the researched-out keywords to ensure optimum searchability for your contents.
  • Content Organization- Make sure to follow a logical approach while organizing content for your site. This not only assures great SEO but also helps the visitors in finding other pertinent contents easily.
  • Content Promotion-You have to enhance visibility for the new contents through shares on social networking portals & link building (both internally & from the external sites).

Note on intention

If you are solely interested in pulling traffic on search engines, the results might suffer. You should aspire to impress search engines & potential customers as well as return visitors. Thus you have to look beyond “thin” contents which just ranks & get clicks on search engines but do not offer additional value for search-engine user. Your focus would be on developing high value informative contents as low-value posts are penalized by major search engines like Google.

SEO Content- The Types

  • Product pages- These form the main essence of any e-commerce portal. A quality product page works as both PPC landing platform and SEO content.
  • Blog posts- Blog posts tend to be really engaging & are very likely to pull in links that assures great authority for the website.
  • Article- it refers to contents featured on magazine or newspaper styled websites. It could be an interview or some feature piece or news articles.
  • Lists-These are articles drafted as lists. For example- “Top 10 fashion tips”. These titles guarantee better click rates.
  • Guides- These are prolonged contents serving as “how-to” tips on anything. The guide contents are generally divided into several web pages  but the best tip is to get the entire guide on a single page.
  • Videos-Videos, especially video tutorial contents act as a great crowd puller for any website.
  • Infographics-These serve as a graphical representation of data you want to profess through your website. Infographics are always more entertaining than textual data & could pill in enormous page views & links.
  • Slideshow- Slideshow helps to display pertinent images in a series. Pictures are always better expressive than textual contents and hence it’s good to get slideshows for your website. However, as slideshows leave little to read for search engines, you have to be careful about file name of images, titles and captions.
  • Glossaries-Glossaries are crucial today as the huge base of contemporary online audience prefer to search Google for any meaning rather than browsing through a dictionary. If you are into some specialized industry, get a well-built glossary to pull in quality search traffic.
  • Directories- Directories can be defined as useful taxonomy on links to the resources or sites pertinent to some given topic. A blog on perfumes can structure a directory on places for best perfumes.

Developing potential SEO Content Tactic

If you are producing contents haphazardly, an optimized search engine rank is almost impossible. Thus, you have to be really methodical with the SEO content.

What are your goals?

The primary task is to define your business or website goals. Are you eager to steer sales via your website?  Are you planning to monetize your website via ads & hence looking to enhance traffic & return readership? The nature of goals would actually determine the essence of contents.

If you are looking to drive the product sales, the chief focus would be on informative and appealing product pages, optimized for search & conversions. The secondary focus would be on illustrative blog contents, linking to relevant pages. In case your website is operating on advertising model, you should be focused on entertaining and informative contents such as video resources or long-form articles- that can keep the visitor glued to the site. You can hire good online writing services

Consider audience base

You must take market surveys & utilize analytic software to have a good grasp on the online behavior, desires and expectations of your target niche over the web. Your contents must be able to respect the preferences of the audience.

Create Editorial calendar

The editorial calendar can be defined as a schedule which dictates when to publish the new contents & that too what sort of contents. This helps in maintaining a regularity & order – for example if you are running a recipe website, you can dedicate the Monday posts solely for meatless recipes.

Analysis & reassessment

You must regularly analyze the progress of the SEO contents to find out the strengths & pitfalls of the posts. You have to study the links, page views, social shares and blog comments to understand the status of your SEO contents in real time. The analysis approach must have 2 goals-

  • Study success factors for repeat success– Check out the patterns. Do your visitors prefer videos? Then you should come up with more videos.
  • Update & improve existing SEO content– let’s say you optimized a post with a certain keyword but over time you find other variations are more pulling. You should make sure to re-optimize the existing content with new variations.



Venture Into SEO and Expand Your Business With Ease

Expand your SEO for your Business

As a business owner, it’s important to keep thinking of new ways to increase revenue while keeping costs to a minimum. One of the most popular ways of achieving this for a wide variety of companies is by becoming an SEO reseller. This is a great opportunity to provide your current customers with more value from your services and attract a whole new audience. If you’re interested in investing in white label SEO but are unsure of whether or not it’s for you, read on to discover the advantages of this business opportunity.

Search Engines Are Ruling the Internet

Search engines are used by everyone, and website owners need to work hard in order to have their site listed high up on the search engine results pages. Unfortunately for them, the art of SEO is tricky. The rules are always changing, and it’s very easy to get things wrong. When businesses accidentally find themselves involved in black hat SEO, they can find their website struck off the search engine results entirely. With your new services, you’ll be able to offer your customers affordable SEO services that will help them to master the search engines without any effort from you or from them. It’s a win-win situation. Continue reading

The Most Comprehensive Collection of the Best WordPress Plugins – Part II


In the second part of the series, we will dive straight into the variety of SEO plugins that WordPress have to offer. Now-a-days, blogging is not just about writing content as you also need to understand the vast opportunity of the search engine market and grab the target audience.

There are a wide variety of plugins which can help you to make your WordPress site more and more search-engine friendly and improve the overall SEO of your site. So, in this part of the series we will focus on all the essential SEO plugins that you may need for your WordPress site.

SEO Plugins

These plugins can help you a lot in boosting the search engine rankings by improving the on-site SEO of your WordPress blog. You can make your website more search-engine friendly and can track your ranking progress too. Continue reading

5 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Your Site

WordPress is the most popular content management system on the internet. Why? Because it has so many great features and can be used in almost any way you would want. One thing that you should know if you are new to WordPress, is the plugins. There are so many plugins that will be able to assist you with creating your website as well as help you in managing and promoting it. So, to give some help, here are the top 5 plugins that everyone should be aware of.

Must have WordPress Pliugins

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Advanced SEO in the Era of Google Panda and Penguin

Google Penguin and Panda

Google’s Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates have shaken up SEO strategies for many webmasters. They are beneficial in that the focus on content is now greater than ever. Users are finding better, higher quality results in their searchers and spam sites that only seek self-promotion through poor content, keyword stuffing and unnatural backlinks are penalized. So, how do you optimize sites after the changes that have resulted from Google’s never ending updates to its algorithms? Continue reading

Importance of Website Speed and Google Authorship in SEO – Part X

So, we have finally reached the last part of the series where we are going to talk about two very important external SEO factors – website speed and Google Authorship. The word “external” refers to factors which are not directly linked to SEO, but yet have got a considerable importance in it.

You certainly cannot afford to neglect these two factors as they have got a great importance not only in SEO, but also on the user experience of your visitors. As the real motive of SEO is all about optimizing your site better for both, the users and the search engines, these two factors are something you certainly cannot neglect. Continue reading

Targeting the #1 Spot in the Search Engines Results Page – Part VIII

Now you have learned a lot about what actually SEO is and how it works. You have also learned about the various terminologies associated with SEO and their in-depth concepts too. You have also learned about On-page and Off-page optimization and various techniques and concepts associated with them. In the previous article, we went deeper into learning about Domain and Page Popularity the importance it holds in Off-page SEO.

But now it’s time to jump into the field and take the weapon in your hands and fight against all odds to reach the top of the search engine results page. This and the next article will be an in-depth and ultimate guide for you to beat the immense competition and reach the top spot of Google and Bing. But a guide or a tutorial can never be an assurance or a guarantee that will get you in the top of the SERPs.

These are some of the best practices that you can follow to optimize your site much better for the search engines. Or you can consider these to be some general guidelines that walk very closely with optimizing any webpage in the most authentic way.

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Targeting the #1 Spot in the Search Engines Results Page – Part IX

In the previous article, we had discussed about some of the most important things that should come under your consideration while starting your first SEO campaign with the main aim of targeting the #1 spot in the search engine results page.

In this article, we would continue with some even more important concepts related to link building that you need to understand deeply. We would mainly focus on all the deep details and techniques of link acquisition, maintaining a natural anchor text diversity and would also talk a bit about inner page link building too.

How Should You Acquire Links?

One of the most important aspects of SEO is link building, whose importance must be quite clear to you till now. But there are some best practices of it which you need to know before you start your first link building campaign.

1)      Always try to get links from webpages having PageRank 1 or above, as pages with PR 0 itself have no authority that they can afford to pass on to you. But a very important point to note here is that, PageRank is updated once in a few months and it is also not a very accurate metric to rely upon (in spite of its extreme hype). Try to recall our previous discussions on real and apparent PageRank, to make things self-explanatory.

So, it is better to pay attention on other more accurate and reliable metrics like Domain Authority, Page Authority, mozRank, Citation Flow, Trust Flow, Trust Rank, etc. which can give you a much better insight about the authority or popularity of a particular webpage or an entire website. These metrics belong to popular SEO and Marketing companies, like SEOmoz and MajecticSEO.

It is always a greed among webmasters and marketers to acquire links only from high authority sites. Though it is something which is obviously very important, still getting links only from high authority sites can make your site seem suspicious in the eyes of the search engines. So, you should try to maintain a proper blend of links coming from sites having both lower, medium (similar to yours) and higher authority sites.

2)      Sometimes just getting high authority links is not enough, as you need to put your maximum importance in ensuring that you get links from websites which are relevant to your own website too. Getting links from completely irrelevant sites won’t help you much in increasing the authority of your site.

Suppose you have a website about “flowers” and you get a link from a site selling “dog foods”. So, will that have any kind of relevancy at all? Will that link help the search engines to understand anything about your site or how important you are? Why would a site selling dog foods even bother to vote or reference your site and even if it does, it doesn’t matter much to the engines (in terms of increasing the authority of your site).

3)      Do not ever make the mistake of indulging in any black hat techniques. Don’t try to gather the extra courage of making a clever script which will go on adding links to your website automatically. Over the years, the search engine bots have become smart and sophisticated enough to understand these kind of automatic link patterns and won’t think twice before penalizing you or permanently banning you from their index.



(Image Source: soniseo.com) 

Always play fair and do everything naturally as it is meant to be. You can’t achieve anything big in a fortnight, so wait patiently and do your work with efficiency and you will surely achieve the results you deserve in due time.

4)      Also try to get links from websites which are updated frequently and not from the ones which get updated once or twice in a month. The more updated they are, the quicker and stronger signals they can pass to your site as search engines like Google always love websites with new and fresh content.

Another important thing that needs to be taken special care of is the no. of outbound links a particular website has. Websites with less outbound links (links to other websites) pass a higher link juice than websites which have already linked (and passed its authority) to too many other websites.

So, these are some of the most essential things that must be well-kept in mind while acquiring links from any website. These are obviously not the thumb rules of link building, but some of the most basic and fundamental principles which should remain same forever. The most basic idea is to make things as natural as possible in the eyes of the search engines. Your main aim should be to optimize your site better for higher visibility, and not wrongly manipulating it or gaming the system.

Natural Anchor Text Distribution

This is one of the most important aspects of link building and something a bit risky too (as a slight mistake in it can make you pay the price). You need to perfectly understand what it actually is and how it needs to be treated, otherwise you can get into real trouble. As already discussed, “Anchor Text” is nothing but the clickable text on every hyperlink (linking one webpage with the other), but it has got a massive importance in SEO.

In spite of the fact that anchor text can provide a way for the visitors to understand what a particular link (and the webpage it links to) is all about and jump straight to it, it also provides important signals for the search engine robots too. The proper usage of the anchor text can prove to mean a lot for the search engines and can be used effectively by them while ranking webpages.

It is quite obvious that if you are able to acquire links having the exact anchor text as your target keywords (for which you want to rank), then you are surely going to pass a very strong signal to the search engines. But not every time, as in the real world (where people naturally link to you) it is quite unnatural that each and every single link you acquire will have anchor texts which will exactly match with your target keywords. You may also try to play clever by mixing the exact match anchors with some partial matched ones. But fortunately the search engines are clever enough to understand that you are trying to wrongly manipulate the search results and can consider penalizing your site.

So What Should Be the Natural Anchor Text Distribution Formulae?

Seriously, there is no such formula that you need to memorize. At least the search engines have never mentioned of any such formulae to achieve a natural looking anchor text profile. Something that should look natural will always look natural and something that’s built with the main aim of manipulation will always be in that way.

Though there is no such natural anchor text distribution formulae, but still we can make an idea of what it should be (based on the expert analysis of several successfully ranking backlink profiles). There should be a proper mix of the exact match keyword, some partially matched ones, some phase match keywords, some branded keywords, some generic ones (like click here, visit this site) and some naked URLs.

Classification of Anchor Texts –

Exact Match Anchor Texts – Try to keep an anchor text profile with exact match keywords not more than 15%. If the total no. of links on your site are quite less, than this percentage should drop even below 10%, to make your anchor text profile look the most natural.

Partial and Phase Match Anchor Texts – Some anchor texts should be partially matched with the target keywords and some should contain partial phrases of it. When people naturally link to you, they always don’t need to link to you with your exact keywords, they can use a variety of partial matched and phase matched texts. Try to keep these anchor texts between 15-20% to stay on the safer side.

Brand Anchor Texts – There can or will be some people who admire your brand name and would like to link to you with your brand name or mixture of your brand name and your target keywords. Typically this proportion should be something less than 20% too.

Generic Keyword – There will be quite a lot of sites which would link to you with anchor texts like click here, visit this site, download now, see here, etc. This is an absolute natural practice which should or will happen most of the times. Many people completely ignore this category of building links with generic anchor texts and fall into trouble later in their progress. Typically this proportion should be something around 20%.

Naked Titles and URLs – Quite a lot of anchor texts will look very ugly with just the naked title of your page or the long URL of your page itself, but to make things look natural you need to focus on these ugly-looking anchors texts too.

There can never be any strictly written formula for this and you also should never follow any. These percentage figures are just given to make you understand what the proportions should be and you obviously have the full freedom to make your own variations whenever you want.

Building Links Uniformly to All Pages of your Site

Another mistake that many newbies tend to make is that they only focus on building links to the homepage of their website and completely forget that they have some valuable and resourceful inner pages too.

This is certainly a big mistake and must be avoided at all costs. It doesn’t seem natural at all to the search engines if all links start pointing to a single page (most often the homepage) of your website while you have some equally important inner pages too. You should distribute your links uniformly between all pages of your site and should also link the home page of your site from the inner pages so that the link juice can flow between all pages uniformly. It is obvious that the homepage can have more links than the inner pages, but certainly not all.

It has been observed quite a few times, that sites which have too many links pointing to their homepage and very few to the other inner pages of their site had much worse rankings than their competitor’s sites which had a much natural looking backlink profile then theirs.

So these are some of the most important factors that you must learn, understand and practice while building links for your website. Obviously following all these techniques doesn’t guarantee your position on the top of the search engines, but it surely can increase your chances a lot better than your competitors.

Always remember to keep things as natural as possible in the eyes of the search engines. Don’t aim for manipulation, always aim for optimization. Also hold your patience and wait for the time which is required for the results to come. You cannot expect the results to come and kiss your feet from the very first day. Remember that people with dedication, determination and patience always wins the race.

A Look at the Top Trends in SEO for 2013

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Take the case of Search Engine Optimization. What business owner has not heard of this term, especially if they have a website that they would like to promote? But SEO tactics and methods from a few years ago are deemed obsolete and outdated today. In order to stay ahead of the competition and keep abreast with the times, here’s a closer look at certain emerging trends for 2013. Continue reading

10+ Sure-Fire Techniques to Boost Your Search Engine Traffic [DETAILED]

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SEO and content marketing reselling – added benefits without added overheads

You’re running a successful design agency, PR agency or similar business and want to add on a new element to the business. You know that search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing has a growth potential but don’t have the expertise or experience to set up such a department. On the other hand you do not want to potentially lose out on clients that require such a service.

If this is you, have you ever considered the benefits of becoming a reseller of SEO and content marketing?

 Targeting SEO

Add a new dimension to your digital business as an SEO reseller

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