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35+ Free & Premium Photoshop Brush Sets Every Designer Should Have


Photoshop brushes are a fantastic way to create rich artworks in very less amount of time. Though Adobe Photoshop comes with a pre-installed set of brushes, but the main problem with them is that these brushes hardly get updated ever and they exploit only a bit of the limitless possibilities of the brushes.

But fortunately we have a huge community of designers who create and share amazing brushes and now we have them for almost everything we can think of – like putting a scratch on a wood texture or a burn on a paper. A quick Google search can help you find the brushes that you desire of, but not always.

There is a huge spectrum of brushes available and it is sometimes really painful to find high-quality brushes, so in this article we have decided to put forward some of the best and most high-quality collection of free and premium Photoshop brush sets each and every designer must have in his/her toolkit. Continue reading

40+ Awesome Menu and Button Making CSS3 Tutorials to Boost Your Skills

CSS3 is completely changing the web design world and the way we design webpages. Now-a-days, we need not to rely much on JavaScript and images to design awesome design elements for our websites. CSS3 does the magic for us easily and efficiently. Though there are many designers who are still reluctant to use CSS3 due to lack of support in some browsers, but there are many who are moving forward and designing some awesome stuff in CSS3. So, if you want to boost your skills in designing some awesome menus and buttons using CSS3 too, then this article is something you were looking for. We have worked very hard in compiling only the best and the most well-written tutorials available in the Web. We have decided to include both Button and Menu making tutorials so as to make this list an epic collection. Continue reading

30+ Most Useful Tutorials to Learn and Master PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion

One of the best ways to design a website is to have a Photoshop mockup which can be easily manipulated according to the needs and demands of the clients. Designers can show these Photoshop mockups to their clients, and can alter the design easily and quickly as per the requirements of the client.

When the client is satisfied with a particular design, the designer just needs to convert it into a finely coded HTML/CSS version which can be read by the Internet Browsers. This approach of designing the PSD first and then converting it into HTML/CSS, is very efficient and less time consuming

In this article, I have tried to collect some of the most well-written, easy to understand and elaborate tutorials for you to learn and master the skills of PSD to HTML/CSS conversion. Every tutorial can give you something new to learn. The more you read, the better you can boost your skills.

If you are an absolute beginner, then you can go for the easy ones first and then go for the more advanced tutorials. If you are already experienced with the process, and want to know even more, then the advanced tutorials are for you. For many learners, video tutorials prove to be more interesting and engaging, so I couldn’t stop adding some video tutorials too. Continue reading

Top 10 Responsive Web Design Tools

News flash: The internet is going mobile. As more and more people view the internet from mobile devices, the need for responsive website design intensifies. Learn how to create a responsive, user-friendly web design with these top tools:

1. Gridset

Tired of calculating column configurations for multiple screen sizes? Gridset helps you design custom, responsive grid layouts easily. It can help you create any kind of grid you want – from simple to complex – all without having to worry about the measurements and calculations. You can even save and reuse your grid sets for future use. Continue reading