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The Most Comprehensive Collection of the Best WordPress Plugins – Part VI


Commenting is a very important way to judge user response and engagement for any website. In this part of the series, we will explore all the commenting platform opportunities available in WordPress. These are some of the plugins which can replace the dull and boring “default” commenting system in WordPress with something which can take your commenting system to a whole new level. Continue reading

Top Most used Plugins by Coupon websites

Are you a coupon blogger looking for plugins to take your business to the next level? or are you tired of using plugins that don’t really interpret your mind clearly as you wanted. Here are some of the plugins that are wildly used by coupon bloggers and are said to be one of the best.


Coupon Store
This a fantastic plugin that allows you to easily embed short codes of various coupon stores of your wish in to articles written on your blog, with this you can get your reader fed with your write-ups and also stylishly advert the company short codes.

Coupon Creator
This very coupon plugin is rated among coupon bloggers as one of the sophisticated and yet simple coupon plugin ever. This coupon is wildly popular and the functionality is very flexible. Coupon creator allows you to create and manage your own coupon by using a short code. The amazing thing about this coupon is that; one, its free and it also create coupon at custom post type, which means you can design your coupon to look however you want it. You can just download and try it fast if you haven’t.

Coupon Code
Coupon code is a very unique plugin that I’ll implore all coupon blogger to have in their word press. It is a fantastic coupon plugin that allows you to have right of whatever coupon code you provide without anybody having the right to copy or use it without visiting your affiliate link. Isn’t it fantastic? Though this plugin is free and you can have all the fun it but, you will be surprise and won’t be able to contain yourself when you upgrade to the elite version.

Voucher Press
This is a plugging that mustn’t be talked about when talking about the list of the top most use coupon plugins in 2014.

Voucher Press, as its name implies, is a plugins that is use to create voucher with different layout and font from different templates. These vouchers generated from this plugging can be printed or downloaded as the case may be.

Social Coupon for WordPress
Now that social media has become part of the tools that help any online and offline business, social media coupon for wordpress  has also become a familiar friend to coupon bloggers in helping their business connect stylishly to a wild range of friends and customer around the world.

Social coupon for WordPress is a plugging that allows users to get instant discount for sharing your pages on their account. This plugging offers discount to her customer and it support various social button like facebook button , google plus button , twitter and many more

These list is extract from the best and popular plugging that’s used by coupon blogger and is subject to personal and opinions base on experience. Though there are some other fantastic pluging that are not mentioned here and you are free to mention them on the comment box for the benefit of people who wished to know more plugging

Most Essential and Powerful Plugins to Speed up Your WordPress Blog

All of us want to have a fast loading website. Nobody is patient enough to wait long enough for a site to load fully. If your site loads up slow, then you are surely going to leave a very bad experience on your visitors. Various studies claim that, if your site doesn’t load up in 4 seconds then your visitors will tend to navigate away from your site to other ones (probably to your competitors).

Speed is also a very important factor in terms of SEO after Google officially confirming that they include “Page Speed” as a ranking factor.

There also comes the significance of conversion and leads with respect to website loading speed. Studies say that, your site will tend to convert more if it loads up faster than your competitors. So, your website speed is much more important than you had ever thought of. It not only improves user-experience, but also helps in SEO and leads.

So in this article, I am going to talk about some of the best and most efficient plugins to speed up your WordPress site. I will deliberately, not include too many WordPress plugins to confuse you. The idea is not about installing too may plugins, it’s about including only the right ones which are necessary for your site.

Rather too many plugins can actually slow down your website drastically and can also result in conflicts.

But I will try to include as many alternatives as possible for you to try out different plugins and find the one which suits you the best. Continue reading