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Top WordPress Security Myths Ever (With Mr. Security)


(Image Source: techwench.com)

WordPress is a very popular CMS and have an ocean of active users which in turn also attracts the prying eyes of various hackers from all over the world. But there are a lot of users who don’t take the security of their site seriously, only because of some misconceptions and preconceived notions of flaws from the past.

Even I myself was driven by a lot of myths about WordPress security and never bothered to take the security of my WordPress sites with serious attention. But after being the victim of some serious hacking attempts years ago, I started taking WordPress security very (really) seriously and bade goodbye to all those misconceptions that hovered on my mind.

In this article, I am going to discuss the top WordPress myths in a very creative way in which I am having a conversation with Mr. Security (an expert in WordPress Security, fictional character) who beautifully debunks all my myths with some really logical facts and opens my eyes about WordPress security. Continue reading