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Most Essential and Powerful Plugins to Speed up Your WordPress Blog

All of us want to have a fast loading website. Nobody is patient enough to wait long enough for a site to load fully. If your site loads up slow, then you are surely going to leave a very bad experience on your visitors. Various studies claim that, if your site doesn’t load up in 4 seconds then your visitors will tend to navigate away from your site to other ones (probably to your competitors).

Speed is also a very important factor in terms of SEO after Google officially confirming that they include “Page Speed” as a ranking factor.

There also comes the significance of conversion and leads with respect to website loading speed. Studies say that, your site will tend to convert more if it loads up faster than your competitors. So, your website speed is much more important than you had ever thought of. It not only improves user-experience, but also helps in SEO and leads.

So in this article, I am going to talk about some of the best and most efficient plugins to speed up your WordPress site. I will deliberately, not include too many WordPress plugins to confuse you. The idea is not about installing too may plugins, it’s about including only the right ones which are necessary for your site.

Rather too many plugins can actually slow down your website drastically and can also result in conflicts.

But I will try to include as many alternatives as possible for you to try out different plugins and find the one which suits you the best. Continue reading