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25+ Awesome WordPress Single Page Themes That Really Impress

WordPress is surely one of the most powerful and popular CMS to create blogs and websites with multiple pages. But it is not always necessary to create websites with multiple pages of content. You might be creating a portfolio of your own, or promoting a mobile app or need a coming soon page for your upcoming website, which doesn’t necessarily demand more than a single “creatively designed” page.

In spite of having multiple pages, the designers of “single page” themes try to push their creative limits to the maximum extent to portray everything in just a single page making use of beautifully designed buttons, animations, parallax effects etc. And there is a benefit too as you just need to worry about a single URL, and that’s the URL of your homepage only. Obviously your site will have various sections which will all be integrated into a single page.

In this article, I have tried my best in presenting you the most beautiful most beautifully and creatively designed “Wordpress Single Page Themes”. We have included both free and premium themes here in this list and the prices have also been mentioned to help you make quicker decisions. Continue reading