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Handpicked WordPress Themes: Part One

WordPress themes have always been a hot topic among bloggers and anyone having a website powered by WordPress. We at ‘corePHP’ have always provided lists of some of the best WordPress themes available in the market.

This time, we have come back with an awesome series of handpicked WordPress themes which will feature some carefully picked and best themes available right now. This is the first list in this series. Let it begin,


D-LightView Demo | Buy D-Light

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The Best WordPress Admin Panel Themes to Give Your Admin Area a Complete Makeover

The evolution of WordPress from 2003 to the current date have brought a lot of changes to the UI of the admin area but looking at the same old UI everyday can be demotivating. The boredom becomes even more pronounced for people who spent most of their time working in the WordPress backend.

Almost all WordPress users are aware of the vast availability of themes to customize the look and feel of the front-end of their sites to any level. But what about the admin area? Is there nothing we can do to customize the admin area and take its look to a whole new level? Not only does it make the admin area look attractive for the backend users, but also it helps you keep up with your energy to work for a few more hours.

In this article, we have collected the “best WordPress admin panel themes” available to give your admin area a complete new makeover. There is a very little availability of admin panel themes currently, but with its growing popularity it is soon going to take a faster pace. But currently we surely have some beautifully designed themes to give your admin area a completely new makeover. Continue reading

30+ Amazing Horizontal and Parallax Scrolling WordPress Themes You Might Have Not Seen

In the world of Web design, Parallax Scrolling is an wonderful technique in which, when you scroll vertically (or horizontally) on a webpage, the background image moves slower than the foreground elements and objects, thereby creating a “parallax” or illusion of motion and resulting in an eye-catchy and stunning effect which is capable of impressing your clients within minutes.


Another similarly unique concept is Horizontal (left and right) Scrolling, which can surely make your website stand out from the crowd. If you really want to create a unique impression on your clients, then you must get your hands on themes or templates implementing either the Horizontal or Parallax Scrolling techniques.

In this article, we are showcasing some of the best, most uniquely and creatively designed WordPress themes implementing the concepts of Horizontal and Parallax Scrolling. We have decided to put only the best of the best themes available, and hence include only the premium themes as there are hardly any good free themes which are worth mentioning in this list. Continue reading

25+ Simple & Elegant Flat WordPress Themes to Revamp Your Website Design

A new design trend (or style) taking the UI and web design world by storm – flat design, is nothing but a minimalistic approach of design in which we desperately decide to remove all the ornamental elements like gradients, shadows, 3D effects, etc. out from our design and mainly focus on the simple solid objects, elegant fonts, bright-colors and most essentially a two-dimensional screen space.


That day is long gone, when a glossy, shiny and colorful button saying “Buy Now” was enough to attract the attention of the visitors. Now, it’s too boring and mainstream. In flat design, though we remove all the flashy illustrations and groovy textures, but the end result is clean, simple, pure, eye-catchy and simply outstanding. It marks a clear separation between the objects and the space around them. So, in this article we have decided to put forward a fresh collection of the most beautiful and elegant “flat design” WordPress themes.

We have included both free as well as premium themes, but it was really difficult to manage free themes which are worth mentioning (beside the premium ones), so they are fewer in number than the premium ones. We have also mentioned whether the themes are “free” or “premium” and have also mentioned the price of each premium theme, so that it becomes less tiresome for you to manually dig through the prices of each one of them. Continue reading